13 Best Inspiring Quotes About Relationships

Modern Family is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious shows to ever air on television. For years fans have been following the mundane adventures and relatable relationship problems and mishaps of the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker clan. They’ve cried with them, they’ve laughed out loud with them, and they’ve also rejoiced at every milestone each of them achieved in life. At this point, it almost feels like the characters from Modern Family are, in a way, part of fans’ own family.

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And this show is just as much about comedy as it is about learning how to navigate relationships in life, whether it is with spouses, parents, or children. None of the characters are perfect or have it completely figured out. But what makes it such an enjoyable show to watch is how much fans can learn from their own mistakes and lessons. After all, it certainly is refreshing to see what the characters have learned (especially through their monologues or speeches).


Updated on November 16th, 2021, by Kayleigh Banks: While it’s been a few years since Modern Family has been on the air, that doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t have a profound effect on fans. Similar to the Phil’s-Osophy, the 250 episodes contained lots of inspiring and thought-provoking life lessons that many fans have carried with them for years (and will likely do so in the future too).

Not only has the advice been comforting and relatable, but the characters have also helped fans resolve some issues they might have been struggling with. But which ones have proven to be the most memorable? While there has been a lot of iconic advice, there were some that made a bigger impression on fans than others.   

Mitchell Pritchett In Season 1

“Everybody’s desperately afraid, to be different, you know, in any way. And then […], almost overnight, everybody wants to be different. And that is where we win.”

An image of Mitchell and Cam smiling in Modern Family

While they didn’t share much screentime together, there was a great moment between Manny and Mitchell in the first season that resonated deeply with fans. Since Manny had been struggling to fit into school because many of his peers thought he was “weird,” Mitchell had some sage and helpful advice.

The kids at his school were wrong to say that his interests and idiosyncrasies are strange because they’re not. They are the things that make a person unique. So just because someone doesn’t see why these interests make a person so great doesn’t mean that no one ever will. There will be people that will love this side of someone the most.

Jay Pritchett In Season 11

“Life is full of changes […] you can fight it or try to make the best of it. And that’s all a lot easier if you’ve got the people who love you to help.”

Modern Family Ed O Neill

With all the characters going their separate ways at the end of season 11, many fans wondered how they would cope after they all made some major life changes. Naturally, this created a bit of anxiety as they were entering unknown territory. However, Jay ended up stating that they would all end up okay because they still had the support of each other – no matter what.

This was something that deeply resonated with fans, especially since big change can make any feel out of their comfort. However, what’s important to remember is that a person does not have to go through this alone. There are plenty of people who would love to offer their support and would go out of their way to make sure that the changes a person goes through are easy.

Mitchell Pritchett In Season 2

“People can surprise you. You can get used to thinking of them one way […] And then they do something that there’s all this depth and dimension that you never knew existed.”

Mitchell and Cameron smiling in Modern Family

It’s no secret that Mitchell could be close-minded and judgmental when he wanted to be, so it was quite refreshing that he did attempt to change his views of the world and of people in general. This was particularly seen in season 2 when Mitchell makes a passing comment about Rob Lowe’s acting skills, which was actually very thought-provoking and beautiful when fans look closely at it.

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It may have been another way of saying that a person should “never judge a book by its cover,” but it still rings true nonetheless. There are many people who are continuously judged on rumors, their appearances, or even their interests and they can often turn out to be some of the kindest people in the world. There’s always something more to a person than meets the eye.

Cameron Tucker In Season 10

“Why not just live your limited days with leaving nothing unsaid. Tell the people who matter the most how you feel.”

In the 11 seasons that fans have watched Modern Family, Mitchell and Jay were seen to have a tumultuous relationship and often struggled to open up to one another about their feelings. However, when they went up to the woods with Cam and Phil, Cam gave the best piece of advice that offered Modern Family fans a good life lesson, which also helped the character bond a bit too.

Since life can be unpredictable at times, there have been a few occasions where a person has regretted not telling a family member or friend that they loved them. While it may feel like there is plenty of time in the world to do so, no one knows what tomorrow or the next day will bring. It’s best to be open and honest while everyone has a chance.

Alex Dunphy In Season 6

“Every time anyone accomplishes anything, [they] achieve it with the help of a thousand silent heroes.”

Alex and Haley talking in the kitchen in Modern Family

While Alex was probably the most independent person on the show and prided herself on her achievement, many fans thought it was quite sweet that she acknowledged that her family was always there in the background, supporting her along the way.

It was certainly something that fans also found relatable too as they have likely had individuals in their lives who have helped them with big milestones. What’s more – the team behind them doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. Sometimes, it’s nice to show them some appreciation too.

Manny Delgado In Season 4

“The hero in my family is my family, because of who we are together.”

When Manny had to write an assignment about who the hero in his family was, he was at a crossroads. Sure, it was incredibly entertaining to watch him cross people off the list as he witnessed some of their pettiness and more juvenile side. But the best quote came at the very end of the episode.

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Manny realized that even though they were all completely different, at the end of the day, as a unit, they were powerful. They were strong. And they were all heroes because no matter what, at the end of the day, they’re always there to be heroes for each other.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett In Season 3

“Family is family. Whether it’s the one you start out with, the one you end up with, or the family you gain along the way.”

One of the best things about Modern Family is the way it depicts, well, a family. Behind this quote from Gloria, there is a beautiful sentiment that many fans will get behind. Because while many people are lucky to be born into a family that they love, others are not so blessed.

But the good thing is, family is not just about blood. Family is about love, and a person gets to choose who they want to be their family. Gloria, Manny, Cam, Phil, and Lily, all came into the Pritchett’s lives later on. And now look at them – they are, as Jay would say, a wonderful and loving family.

Manny Delgado In Season 5

“It’s scary to let people see the real you. Even when those people are your own family. But aren’t they […] The ones who will love us without judging? Who will forgive our faults and celebrate our imperfections?”

Considering that he was one of the youngest characters on the show, it amazed Modern Family fans that Manny came up with some of the wisest quotes anyone has ever heard. This one in particular was rather comforting and inspiring for some viewers as it reassured them that there would always be someone who wouldn’t judge them and excepted their flaws.

Because at the end of the day, those who love them love them for who they are. A person doesn’t have to be afraid of not being perfect, because that’s not what they expect. They just want them to be themselves – and they’ll be there to make sure they will always be true to themselves too.

Phil Dunphy In Season 2

“It’s gonna be tough to say goodbye… it always is. Nobody loves change. But part of life is learning to let things go.”

Saying goodbye is an inevitable part of life. Whether it is saying farewell to a good friend that is moving away or a child that is off to begin a new chapter of their lives, learning how to let go is a necessary part of our existence.

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And Phil knows that, just like he knows that it’s okay. Because a little way down the road, there’s always a chance that a person would be able to see them again. Or if it’s a permanent goodbye, they will always have a place in their heart.

Jay Pritchett In Season 3

“Sometimes things work out just the way you want. Sometimes they don’t. But you have to hang in there because 90% of being a dad is just showing up.”

What makes a good parent? That is a question everyone who’s ever had to raise a child asks themselves over and over again. There is no rulebook for this – that would simply be too easy. However, Modern Family did provide some helpful parenting tips that also helped ease some of the fans’ fears.

Jay’s quote certainly provided some comfort as he informed the audience of why Claire and Mitchell loved him so much – it’s because he was a reliable figure in their lives. While there were certainly situations he wasn’t sure how to resolve, Claire and Mitchell always appreciated that he showed up and did his best to be there for his kids. That is what was important to them.

Cam Tucker In Season 3

“The dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And without the dreamers, […realists] might never get off the ground.”

The notion that opposites attract has never made more sense than when Cam said this and left fans thinking. In many ways, some people in the world are dreamers and others are realists.

The key in a good, loving relationship is learning how to use each others’ strengths to propel the other one forward in life, even if someone might not agree in some aspects.

Claire Dunphy In Season 1

“We do strange things for the people we love. There may be bumps along the way, but we never stop wanting the best for them.”

Claire and Phil sitting on a beach in Modern Family

Claire gave fans this quote when she let Phil win a race after he had a bad day. And while she is not promoting dishonesty, she’s making light of something very true – that people do really weird things for those they love.

Sometimes, it’s not easy. Pride has to be set aside, egos get wounded…but it’s all part of the job description for one of the best jobs in the world.

Phil Dunphy In Season 1

“Those fears you never get past. So sometimes all you have to do is take a deep breath, hold them close, and hope for the best.”

An image of Luke and Phil shaking hands in Modern Family

This was Phil reflecting about fears, and how a person might be able to get over them. But the only fears some people never get over are those pertaining to your children and the outside world (a world that parents and guardians very often can’t protect them from).

This is something every parent/guardian has to accept at some point. They could end up getting hurt from their experiences in the real world and a parent/guardian won’t be able to stop it from happening. But just like Jay said, parents and guardians just have to keep showing up. Be there for the children, and hope for the best.

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