5 Indians that could debut in 2022

Thanks to the Indian Premier League, talent has been overflowing in India in recent years. So, quite often, we see new cricketers wearing blue jerseys. Along the same lines, some of them will make their India debut next year. In this article, we take a look at the list of five talented Indians who could debut in 2022.

The remainder of 2021 will only cover testing for India. While the team for the New Zealand series has been announced, the South Africa tour is likely to involve senior cricketers. Hence, there may not be any debuts this year. With a slew of ICC tournaments underway, India may need to experiment with some players and therefore, next year, there may be some rookies.

1) Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is one of the Indians likely to make their debut in 2022. While the Tamil Nadu player’s recent numbers have been impressive, his profile is still needed for Team India at the moment. Shahrukh is a powerful mid-level hitter and works as a specialized finisher. It’s a profile India has been looking for ever since Hardik Pandya lost shape. The Tamil Nadu man is also a decent bowling player although he hasn’t played many in the last few months. However, it could make its debut next year.

2) Ravi Bishnoi

The stalemate in India is not encouraging at the moment. It is not sure that India will rely on Yuzvendra Chahal for long. Also, Rahul Chahar hasn’t been at his best in recent months. Hence, selectors could finally take advantage of Ravi Bishnoi, considered the future of Indian bowling. Bishnoi has already shown his skills in IPL and with his counterparts not at their best, it’s about time he got a chance.

3) Arshdeep Singh

India needs a sinister seamer they can rely on. This is necessary for this age of matchup. However, management hasn’t found one in recent years. Arshdeep Singh has been doing well for two seasons and deserves a chance. He chose 18 scalps in IPL 2021 and impressed many with his death skills. Hence, the Punjab cricketer could make his debut next year.

4) Avesh Khan

Avesh Khan was part of the New Zealand T20I series and many expected the Madhya Pradesh cricketer to make his debut. However, this did not happen. However, next year, the player will definitely play for India. He is a young man and the time is ripe to start investing in him. Therefore, it is one of the Indians that could debut in 2022.

5) Deepak Hooda

Deepak Hooda had a fantastic U19 campaign and many thought he would do great things for India. However, this has not happened so far. That said, he’s only 26 and appears to be in the shape of his life at the moment. Similar to Shahrukh, Deepak is also a mid-level hitter and the former SRH player is more of a useful spinner. Deepak has shown consistency and recruiters should reward him with an opportunity.

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