9 Movies On Netflix Too Creepy To Watch

Whether it’s a gore-fest, psychological horror, or something a little more light-hearted, Netflix has horror fans covered. However, with so many movies on the streaming service, it can be difficult to choose a favorite scary portion from the menu. Articles on Netflix are constantly changing and updating, making it impossible to find a definitive list of their horror movies.

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For creepy fears, grab some popcorn, turn off the lights and get ready to watch these movies currently available on the streaming service, or maybe leave the lights on. Some of these disturbing stories will make it impossible to sleep without them, and others will leave viewers craving a shower.


Updated November 12, 2021 by Tanner Fox: Horror movies on Netflix are often a pretty mixed bag; While the streaming service offers more than a few notable creep shows, it also carries a not inconsiderable amount of five-by-three movies that aren’t interesting to anyone but those few who care to explore the more fringe edges of the genre.

Horror fans shouldn’t dismiss Netflix entirely, though. It’s true that streaming services like Shudder may better suit their tastes, but Netflix offers some ultra creepy hidden gems for those willing to seek them out.

silence (2016)

Shut up Netflix

Directed and edited by Mike Flanagan, who debuted with eye in 2014, Silence it rises above the clichés to deliver a claustrophobic thriller. The protagonist is Kate Siegel, who co-wrote the piece with Flanagan, in the role of Maddie. A deaf author, Maddie has moved to a remote location to avoid distractions and finish her book. One night, she settles down to write, unaware that a heavily armed masked intruder is waiting outside, ready to break in.

What follows is a cunning cat and mouse chase that will keep viewers in suspense. Maddie is a resourceful protagonist, but she’s not unrealistic, and the film manages to deliver the right balance of blood and suspense to scare but not desensitize.

The Exorcist III (1990)

george c.  Scott Exorcist III

1973 The exorcist is one of the most acclaimed horror films of all time, but its sequel, The Exorcist II: The Heretic it is often seen as an incoherent mess that doesn’t do much to continue the narrative of the original.

The Exorcist III, however, it is a return to form for the series. Released more than a decade after the sequel, the third installment is a strange nightmare of a film about body-changing souls and seemingly demonic serial killers. It may be hard to follow, but it’s definitely an interesting watch for horror fans and almost as creepy as the first film.

I am the cute thing that lives in the house (2016)

A promotional image of the horror film I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives In The House.

An American-Canadian horror, I’m the cute thing that lives in the house is a ghost story within a ghost story starring Ruth Wilson as Lily, a nurse caring for an elderly lady with dementia. He convinces himself that the house is haunted and the opening shots are clever and chilling with a female voiceover speaking to the audience. The next frame reveals that the voice belongs to Lily, and she lets us know, “I turned 28 three days ago. I’ll never be 29 “.

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With Ruth’s fate sealed in the public eye, it’s hard not to jump to every shifting shadow and creaking floor in the isolated manor where she now works. Mrs. Bloom, the elderly lady she cares for, was once a prolific author and continues to call Lily “Polly” as a doomed heroine in her novel, The lady in the walls.

Crepe (2014)

A masked figure from the 2014 horror film Creep.

Creep is a found footage horror and Patrick Brice’s directorial debut. At the time of its release, it seemed to sound in an exaggerated trope, but Creep offers an unexpectedly fresh view. The protagonist is a director who is strapped for cash and responds to an ad on Craigslist offering $ 1000 for a day of shooting. He arrives in a remote cabin to document the life of a strange recluse who seems friendly but, as the day goes on, turns out to be less sincere.

Chilling in its simplicity, it’s well-acted enough to feel uncomfortably realistic. The filmmaking technique lends itself to a truly personal horror and the interaction between the two main actors is intense. There are no frantic thrills in this movie, but the last scene is worth waiting for.

1922 (2017)

A dirty man standing in front of a wheat field

An adaptation of the eponymous tale by horror legend Stephen King, 1922 sees a farmer drifting further and further into madness after killing his wife to continue living on the property he owned. Things go from bad to worse when his son escapes with his pregnant girlfriend, resulting in her death.

Plagued by a rat infestation, a brutally cold winter, and haunting memories of a terrifying and literal variety, the man is led to doom in one of the most depressing and uncomfortable films available on Netflix.

Under the shadow (2016)

Under the shadow of horror

Shideh (Narges Rashidi) is a young mother and medical student living in 1980s Tehran with her daughter Dorsa (Avin Manshadi). She struggles to hold her life together as the Iran-Iraq war rages around her. In this cruel, war-torn scenario, Shideh becomes convinced that a missile that fell on their home has been cursed and that a supernatural force is attempting to take over her daughter.

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Whether viewers believe the demons are real or represent the horrors of war, the film still offers some nail-biting fears. It takes the traditional tropes of supernatural horror and places them in a setting that makes it even more grueling and visceral. It is a clever story that challenges even if it scares.

Not friend (2014)

A still from the 2014 horror movie Unfriended

A group of friends in an online chat room is haunted by someone, or something, using a dead friend’s account. Thinking it’s a glitch, the guys don’t care until the account starts texting them, claiming to be Laura, a girl who died exactly a year ago. The entity begins to force teens to reveal their darkest secrets. Then the killing begins.

To the heart, not friend follows in the footsteps of old slasher movies like Friday 13 like a supernatural force it punishes adolescents for their misdeeds. In this case, it uses modern technology to root the horror in a familiar and, by extension, more disturbing situation for modern teenagers.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Young Jessie hides in Gerald's game

The 2017 Netflix exclusive Gerald’s game stands out among many of the fickle adaptations of author Stephen King’s work. When a couple takes a trip to a remote cabin to rekindle their relationship, things take a turn when Jessie’s husband, Gerald, suddenly has a heart attack, leaving Jessie handcuffed to a bed.

It’s a strange struggle for survival that will see fans struggling to analyze truth from fiction. True to form, King’s narrative also features some truly creepy plot points that are made even more horrifying due to how grounded they are in reality.

The summoning (2013)

Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring

After a family moves into a rural Rhode Island home, they begin to experience supernatural phenomena. Believing that their home is haunted, they seek out paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren, who eventually manage to eliminate the house of horrors after a long battle with the wicked.

of 2013 evocation It might not be as extreme as some darker horror movies, but it’s one of the more extreme movies that has gained mainstream attention in quite some time. Seasoned horror veterans may have seen it all before, but newcomers will look through the gaps in their fingers.

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