A scattered world with room to grow

An empty world and bullet-hungry prey make hunting dinosaurs seem like a chore. However, its foundation is solid and it has a lot of room to grow.

Prehistoric hunting is a dinosaur hunting game with the potential to provide players and their friends with the fantasy of being tough and hardened dinosaur hunters, but its current status is well below that potential. The island world feels incredibly empty and peaceful, compounded by the surprising lack of dinosaurs relative to the size of the map. On the contrary, Prehistoric hunting he has a solid sense of identity and vision of who he wants to be.

Even though it can be played on its own, Prehistoric hunting is designed to be a multiplayer experience, gathering with friends or others to do group expeditions to the dinosaur-filled island. However, it is difficult to get an idea of ​​how many dinosaurs this island has because it seems empty from the start and it takes a good five to seven minutes to have its first encounter. Those minutes are spent traveling to the storage base checkpoint to fill and take contracts, only to get no more sense of direction, which leaves the player wandering around until lucky.


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The general game cycle in Prehistoric hunting he’s grabbing contracts, finding dinosaurs, killing them, and fulfilling the contract so the Preton Corporation can send its helicopter to collect the body. Players start with a shotgun and pistol that feel incredibly undersized; Sure, it’s hard to balance how much damage a dinosaur can take before falling, but what’s currently taking place misses that mark. The huge Brachiosaurus was the first of the dinosaurs to appear, and nearly every available bullet was inserted before it fell, in part due to the lack of a hunter’s vision mechanic that would highlight weaknesses in real time.

hunter and brachiosaurus at sunset

The combination of slow moving speeds, lack of vehicles and open areas with no difficulty curves makes the island of Prehistoric hunting feeling unbalanced. The island is huge, which is a good thing in a game like this, but the lack of transportation options makes the journey tiring and uninspiring. Unlike most open worlds, Prehistoric hunting it does not provide more difficult enemies as the player enters the island. Being thrown in the middle isn’t always bad, because it’s part of what it made Dark souls so addicting, but there is no skill-based combat and getting stronger gear takes some time. When players are killed by a Giganotosaurus in the first biome, it doesn’t feel right.

What makes it all the more frustrating is that Prehistoric hunting already shows its potential and unique identity, which even its early access community recognizes. On Steam, the welcome is mixed and while nearly all reviews mention the issues mentioned above, many acknowledge seeing where it’s going and are excited to be together for the trip. We hope this support takes shape Prehistoric hunting in the game it wants to be during its ongoing development, but right now it doesn’t seem worth the $ 17.99 Early Access fee.

T-Rex in the viewfinder

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Prehistoric hunting is in Steam PC early access with no release date announced. Screen Rant has been provided with a Steam download code for the purpose of this preview.

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