Back to the past: “David Dhawan is a talented director. Yes, I may disagree with some of his films, but that’s a separate issue. ”- Aamir Khan: Bollywood News

NOTE – This interview was published in the paper edition of the specialized magazine Film Information in the issue of 16ns November 1996

In this two-session interview (and this had nothing to do with Aamir being slow) – one in the afternoon and the other, the same night – at Aamir’s home, the actor talks about a variety of topics including his career, his style of working, his likes and dislikes, his contract with ABCL, his views on the ceiling of the stars and the constantly rising star prices etc.

Is this why you and David Dhawan have never worked together? This question is asked because David’s forte is comedy films, he is very successful and you also excel in light roles.
In the beginning, let me tell you that I think David is a talented director. Yes, I may disagree with some of his films, but that’s a separate issue. As to why we didn’t work together, well, he never approached me with a concrete film offer, even though, every time we meet, he says, “We work together.” If and when he makes an offer, I will definitely work with him.

But David works on 8 films at a time. How will you work with him?
In that case, I can’t work with him.

Don’t you think you are too demanding?
I do not believe. After all, what am I asking? “I demand” that the director of the film be his mother. And this is not a request, if you ask me. All the great directors have been mothers of their films.

But a mother also brings up five and six children. So why not a director who can make 6 films at a time?
Yes, a mother raises six children but not all and six at the same time. Unless he gets a pair of twins, the babies don’t stick together. Going back to your previous question of being too demanding, I’m just “demanding” that the director be always present on the sets and during post-production of the film, to do his job. What’s wrong with that? How would the director feel if I told him to have a song featured on my duplicate? What if I refuse to give costume rehearsals or rehearsal time. You see, these are normal requests from a director and an actor is required to perform them. Nowadays, they may seem like abnormal requests, but they are all part of an actor’s duty. They are not required at all.

When you are so worried about the film and its producers, can you say that you were never responsible for delaying a film?
Never! I say this honestly that I have never delayed a movie. People have taken advantage of me, sometimes even made me scapegoat for a delay, but believe me, I don’t allow myself delaying tactics.

Do you suffer from a feeling of insecurity? In those moments, don’t you feel, should you sign more movies?
Yes, sometimes I feel insecure. No artist can escape this feeling of insecurity. Every creative person goes through these stages where he feels insecure because there is no fixed formula for success in his case. But insecurity doesn’t make me do anything that I can feel isn’t good for the cinema or for me. For example, no amount of insecurity can now push me to work double shifts or make ten films at a time. Frankly, even three films are too much to handle! You see, a public personality does not think only of money, even his image and the respect it imposes are of equal importance, sometimes even more. Then there is also the question of the sector. I am not a great patriot, but I sincerely believe that we must not take any steps that will harm the industry. There are only a few people in our industry who feel strongly about it. We must realize that even one single wrong step on the part of an individual can lead to so much frustration in the industry.


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