“Bhai don’t worry” – Rashid Khan reacts to R Ashwin’s statement from the Indian physiotherapist working on Mujeeb’s fitness

Rashid Khan is one of the most famous T20 cricketers in the world. The Afghan leg-spinner has played in nearly every T20 league in the world and currently represents the Afghanistan cricket team in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. Now, the qualifying scenario for the 2021 T20 World Cup semi-finals is such that the Indian cricket team wants Afghanistan to defeat the New Zealand cricket team in the next match.

Both Afghanistan and New Zealand have a chance to qualify for the T20 World Cup semi-finals. The Indian cricket team currently has four points to its name. If Afghanistan defeats the New Zealand cricket team, then both nations will have six points each. India is likely to beat Namibia and even reach six points. Currently, India has the best net run rate in Group 2 of the Super 12 round.

Hence, India will be the favorite to qualify for the Super 12 stage if Afghanistan defeats New Zealand. Mujeeb ur Rahman will be a key player in that match. However, he is currently struggling with physical fitness. Hence, Indian Ravichandran Ashwin brazenly suggested in the press conference that the Indian physiotherapist is ready to help Mujeeb if needed.

Here’s how Rashid Khan responded to R Ashwin

Rashid Khan decided to respond to Ashwin’s statement via Twitter. He asked Ashwin not to worry and wrote the following statement:

“R Ashwin bhai Don’t worry, our Physio Prasanth Panchada team” Chusukuntunnaru “.”

So far this response has received nearly 15,000 likes. Every fan of the Indian cricket team now hopes Afghanistan beats New Zealand on Sunday.

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