Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 7 Summary: Kendall Roasts Back

Kendall Gender, Kimora Amour, and Icesis Couture felt confident about the roast in Drag Race Canada season 2 episode 7. Read our Drag Race recap.

Warning! SPOILER for Canada’s Drag Race season 2 episode 7 below!

Canadian Drag Race episode 7 of season 2 featured a dishonorable roast challenge to Queen of the North herself, Brooke Lynn Hytes. The Vancouver clique consisting of Gia Metric, Kendall Gender and Synthia Kiss disbanded last week when Synthia was eliminated from Canadian Drag Race. As a result, this was yet another week in which Kendall Gender and Kimora Amour were the only contestants without a big challenge won.

As if that weren’t enough, Kendall’s second place finish last week certainly made her track record look worse than Kimora’s. Meanwhile, Icesis Couture has become the leader of the competition being the only queen in the room to have won two maxi challenges. For this episode, recurring judge Amanda Brugel announced that the queens were to make a Brooke Lynn Hytes roast. There were several queens shivering in their boots after taking on a comedic challenge on Canadian Drag Race, but Kendall and Kimora seemed pretty confident about it.


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Going to rehearsals, Icesis Couture seemed particularly confident in doing well in this challenge … but it didn’t take her long to realize that none of her material worked and she had to make some changes. Kimora only got rave reviews, and Kendall’s set performed quite well during rehearsals as well. The episode then moved on to the real Brooke Lynn Hytes roast, and Kendall opened with a fantastic and hilarious set that read all the queens and judges on the show. It should be noted that Kendall was a pretty difficult act to follow, and a lot of queens really struggled to be funny. Pythia had what was probably its first real failure on Canadian Drag Race. Adriana’s jokes mostly did not reach the judges. Gia Metric was unable to capture the comic magic of her Snatch Game again.

Then came Icesis, who absolutely killed this challenge. That said, Icesis did a terrible job editing his material and ended up working overtime. Kimora’s set wasn’t the worst of the night, but she didn’t go well either. In all fairness, there was a chance that Kimora wouldn’t even make it in between the last two for her set, but then out of the pants happened. In a shocking turn of events, Kimora made it clear that she was done with this competition and wanted to go home. The other Canadian Drag Race the queens were shocked to hear those statements and tried to get her off the windowsill, but Kimora was stubborn about giving up.

It was then announced that Kendall Gender has won this roast challenge. In turn, Gia Metric and Kimora Amour finished in the last two. Kimora and Gia were asked to lip sync with b4-4’s “Get Down”, and Kimora offered one of the strangest performances in the entire history of the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchising. It is also unclear whether Gia did well or not, but Kimora did more than enough to send the message that she was ready to go home. Eventually, Kimora was told to leave.

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Canadian Drag Race Season 2 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on the WOW Presents Plus streaming service.

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