“Chodo Kal Ki Baatein” and Lord Ganesha Scene in Sooryavanshi Gets the ULTIMATE of cheers and boos in packed shows across the country: Bollywood News

The long-awaited film Sooryavanshi finally released yesterday after waiting almost 19-20 months. The excitement for this film directed by Rohit Shetty and starring Akshay Kumar was skyrocketing and became clear when it opened to host full boarding houses across the country. Word of mouth is very positive and it means that not only will it have one of the best collections on day one, but it will also have a huge first weekend and eventually great numbers for life.

Sooryavanshi is a complete masala entertainer and hence is filled with several scenes worthy of cheers and whistles at regular intervals. Surprisingly, the scene that was unanimously loved and likely received the most applause is the scene in the second half when the recreated version of ‘Chodo Kal Ki Baatein‘is played.

In a tense development, terrorists are shown planting bombs in cars in different parts of Mumbai and are expected to explode one after another, within a five-minute interval. Realizing that bomb squads won’t be able to reach all of these places in the city, Veer Sooryavanshi, played by Akshay Kumar, thinks of a unique idea. He asks the National Security Guard (NSG) to immediately deploy the helicopters. These helicopters are told to lift the cars that have the bomb and then throw these vehicles loaded with explosives deep into the sea, thus saving the population from the terrorist attack.

However, one of the cars is parked in busy Minar Chowk. Getting the helicopter there is difficult. Then, ATS inspector Abbas (Amrit Singh) with the help of his father, former policeman Naeem Khan (Rajendra Gupta), evacuates the area. Interestingly, a mosque and a temple are located almost next to each other in this chowk. When the temple priests learn that there is a bomb alarm, they begin to lift the idol of Lord Ganesha so that it can be kept in a safe place.

At this point, director Rohit Shetty shows his genius. The devotees of the mosque realize that the priests alone will not be able to lift the idol. So, they come to their rescue. The director beautifully shows Muslims taking off their shoes outside the temple and then helping the priests. Some people then get a handcart and the idol is then safely placed on it. All this time, the song ‘Chodo Kal Ki Baatein‘is played and seems suitable for the situation.

The scene of

Rohit Shetty performed this scene so well that, according to reports, almost every show showed viewers bursting into applause. An industry insider said, “We thought about Akshay Kumar’s entry or that of Singham (Ajay Devgn) o simba (Ranveer Singh) or maybe some acrobatic scene would have turned out to be the most beloved scene in the film. All of these scenes I just mentioned have played their part seetis And taalis. But this scene describing the nation’s communal harmony has won. It gave viewers goosebumps; Hats off to the director and writer for thinking about such a scene! And it’s sad that we no longer write such scenes that work so well with all audiences. This is a wake-up call for our directors. “

Commerce expert Komal Nahta agreed by saying, “It’s a mind-blowing scene. Not only did I clap, but I also cried in that scene like a baby as I was overwhelmed with emotions. I believe that in every single theater you will hear thunderous applause because it shows so beautifully that dividing people on the basis of religion is just a political game. The common man just doesn’t care. “

Akshaye Rathi, exhibitor and film distributor, said: “There are many moments in the film where there are reactions worthy of applause, including this scene. Especially in single-screen cinemas in Tier 2 cities, where your audience is a good mix of people from various religions, the reaction has been simply phenomenal. The entire corridors are exploding in that scene. “

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