Dragon Ball: how old is Goku in each saga?

The dragon ball the canon of the universe has spanned over 30 years of lore for Goku – and his age in each saga has changed quite a lot. Throughout this time, the franchise has taken the Saiyan hero and the Z-Warriors to all kinds of different locations, from the Saiyan home planet to King Kai’s planet. The original dragon ball focuses on the adventures of a young Goku while Dragon Ball Z instead it focuses on a later moment in Goku’s life after the character starts a family of his own with Chi-Chi and Gohan.

The three dragon ball the shows conspire to put Goku through the proverbial ringtone as his character grows exponentially, with Goku unlocking new forms throughout the franchise. The child who was once beaten by both Yamcha and Tien is ultimately portrayed as powerful enough to fight the gods. Goku, who defies the odds by becoming Super Saiyan and beating Freeza in Dragon Ball Z, breaks his alleged limitations and now has access to numerous variations of the Super Saiyan form.


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Over the years, viewers have seen Goku as a child, teenager, youth, and even grandfather. Generally, each saga is followed by a time jump in different forms, some bigger than others. For instance, Dragon Ball Z it contains time jumps that would reach up to seven years in the future. This happens much less, however, in Dragon Ball Super, with the series following a much more linear narrative. In Dragon Ball Z, Super Saiyan Goku would obviously age with these time jumps, making him older in later sagas (which exist in dragon ball canon). Here’s how old Goku is in each one dragon ball saga to date.

Emperor Pilaf Saga

The first arch in the original dragon ball The anime is Emperor Pilaf Saga, the story that sees the young Saiyan cross paths with Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin and Master Roshi for the first time. When his journey begins, Goku is said to be 14 despite his youthful looks. Dragon Ball later reconnects Goku at age 11, with the explanation that he had trouble counting when asked about his age at the start of the Pilaf saga.

Tournament and army sagas of the red ribbon

Jackie Chun and Goku posing at the World Martial Arts Tournament

At the young age of 12, Goku competes in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament and battles Master Roshi in the final round. In the same year, he engages in the search for the Dragon Balls which leads him and his allies into heated conflicts with the Army of the Red Ribbon, General Blue and the Mercenary Tao. It was also during this time that he met the prophetic Cartomancer Baba.

Tien Shinhan and the Demon King Piccolo Sagas

Tien battles Goku in Dragon Ball as Krillin and Roshi watch during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament

Over the years in the dragon ball canon, Goku keeps busy with his training and adventures. When Goku is 15, he enters the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament and loses in a memorable showdown with Tien (who would later become a member of the Z-Warriors). After his fight with Tien, teenage Goku collides with his deadliest opponent: the Demon King Piccolo.

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Little Jr. Saga

Goku and Chi Chi in Dragon Ball

Three years later, a visibly older Goku battles Chi-Chi in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, with the two’s obvious attraction to each other ending with the couple’s engagement. Later, the 18-year-old Saiyan meets the reincarnation of Demon King Piccolo, and is barely able to defeat him in battle. Goku has no idea, of course, that his latest enemy will soon become one of his closest allies.

Saiyan and Freeza sagas

Goku versus Vegeta Kaio-ken

Dragon Ball Z kicks off with the Saiyan Saga, which begins with a 23-year-old Goku raising his young son, Gohan. After dying in the battle with Raditz, a year passes before he is finally desired again with the Dragon Balls. Once Goku returns, he leads the efforts of the remaining Z-Warriors to defeat Nappa and Vegeta. After a slow recovery, Goku heads to planet Namek to help Gohan, Krillin and Bulma survive a battle with the villain who destroyed his planet: Freeza.

Android and mobile sagas

Goku and Cell in Dragon Ball

Two years after Freeza’s defeat, Goku returns to Earth, where he meets Future Trunks and learns of the imminent arrival of the fearsome Androids 17 and 18. When the preparations for the androids are complete, Goku is 29 years old. old. When the androids are absorbed by Cell, Goku and his friends must train for another year before competing in the Cell Games. Goku is 30 when he sacrifices himself (and King Kai) to save the planet from Cell’s internal self-destruct device.

Bu Saga

Super Saiyan 3 Goku fights Buu in Dragon Ball Z

The greatest moment jumps in dragon ball canon happens after Super Saiyan 2 Gohan’s victory over Cell. Seven years go by, with Goku choosing to stay dead all this time so he can continue his training on Otherworld. After Goku saved the world from Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb, the character is able to return to his family on Earth, once again among the living. It’s important to note here that since Goku hasn’t been technically alive for the past seven years, he hasn’t physically aged a day. Goku is 37, but looking at both of Goku’s deaths in the dragon ball universe, he has not been alive for eight of those years, with his physical age consequently approaching 30 years.

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Battle of the Gods Saga

Goku Super Saiyan God

Consequentially, Dragon Ball Super advances Goku’s story by four years. At this point in the series, his son is married to Videl, Krillin becomes a member of the police force, Vegeta is stubbornly pursuing perfection through training, and Goku is living a simple but boring life as a farmer. 41-year-old Goku’s new conflict-free lifestyle comes to an end when Beerus, the God of Destruction, travels to Earth in search of the legendary Super Saiyan God.

Golden Freeza, Universe 6 and Future Trunks Sagas

Dragon Ball Goku Super Saiyan Blue

About a year passes between Goku’s fight with Beerus and Freeza’s return to Dragon Ball Super, which puts Goku at 42. Shortly after saving Earth from the rebuilt Freeza Force, Goku and his friends fight under Beerus against Champa’s team of Universe 6 warriors. Goku and Vegeta can’t rest long after the tournament, as both characters are enlisted by Future Trunks. in the fight to save his timeline from Zamasu and Goku Black. At the conclusion of these sagas, Goku became a grandfather after the birth of Gohan’s daughter Pan. It is revealed in a series of flashbacks that Videl was pregnant with Pan during the period leading up to Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan God.

Universal survival saga

Goku Ultra Instinct

Only a canonically minute of a few months passes between the Future Trunks Saga and the Universal Survival Saga in Dragon Ball Super. Goku, now 43, faces one of the greatest challenges of his life when he fights with seven teams of ten fighters from other universes. Thanks to his brand new Ultra Instinct form and the notable contributions of characters such as Gohan, Vegeta and Android 17, Goku is able to help his team achieve a hard-fought victory over Jiren of Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power.

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