Eternals Star weighs on Makkari Vs. The flash speed debate

Eternals star Lauren Ridloff intervenes in the debate over whether or not Makkari is faster than DC’s most famous sprinter, The Flash.

eternal Actress Lauren Ridloff stepped into the debate on whether or not Makkari is faster than The Flash. The actress makes her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in eternal, which debuts this weekend. eternal is headed by Oscar winner Chloé Zhao and introduces the MCU to an all-new team of cosmic superheroes with a huge assortment of skills.

eternal centers its story on the titular group of immortal warriors. Each Eternal brings their own unique personalities and abilities to the team, such as Ikaris (Richard Madden )’s ability to fly and shoot laser beams from his eyes or Phastos’ (Brian Tyree Henry) genius intellect and invention skills. In the film, Ridloff plays a deaf hero named Makkari, a sprinter who can circumnavigate the planet in seconds and is romantically involved with Druig (Barry Keoghan).


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Now, as Marvel brings a brand new character with super speed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of eternal, the age-old question of Marvel vs DC heroes has raised its head once again. In fact, speaking with CineXpress (through, Ridloff faced speed comparisons between his character and DC’s Flash. He admitted that he thinks his character is faster than the Washington resident sprinter and explained why. Read what Ridloff said below:

Okay, this is a conversation I had with my son. When she first found out that I was going to be the fastest woman in the universe, she said, “No, you’re not.” He brought his laptop and looked into the computer and said, ‘Look! It is true! Flash is faster than Makkari. ‘ But I’m sure Makkari … because it travels faster than the speed of sound.

Eternals Makkari Lauren Ridloff

So, it looks like Ridloff would have put his money on Makkari in a contest between her and The Flash, albeit eternal has taken specific steps to avoid comparisons in the first place. That said, his son still seems to have some favors towards The Scarlet Speedster. Given the gap between their views, it would appear that the debate will most likely continue. However, given that Makkari can break the sound barrier, this appears to be enough for Ridloff to declare victory to Makkari.

Even with Ridloff’s take on the situation, it is likely that this debate will never be resolved. DC and Marvel fans love pitting their heroes against each other in hypothetical battles, and until a full-fledged DC and Marvel crossover movie is made (which is not impossible, but far away), fans they may have to settle for a race between Makkari and other MCU sprinters instead. eternal is currently in theaters.

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Source: CineXpress

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