Every season is always sunny in Philadelphia, classified according to IMDb

Thanks to the funny and selfish main cast, the burning topic of the episodes and the quirky recurring characters, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia it has been the favorite show of millions for more than fourteen years at this point. And unlike most other shows, it has barely seen a drop in quality.

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The variation in quality from one season to the next is so incremental that the difference between the worst and best seasons is miniscule and there are 14 full seasons. The show’s longevity is one of the ways it’s the best sitcom on TV right now.

Updated November 17, 2021 by Kevin Pantoja: It was recently announced that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will make history. It has been renewed for another four seasons, which will bring its total to 18. This will take it even further as the longest-running live-action sitcom in American television history. Considering the fact that the quality remains remarkably consistent for about a decade and a half up to this point, it makes it even more difficult to pinpoint which season is actually the best It’s Always Sunny season in Philadelphia. It will also likely put you in the perfect mood to review the best episodes ahead of the season 15 premiere.

14 Season 13 (7.9)

Season 13 features some of the lowest scoring episodes of Always sunny, including “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot”. An all-female version of the well-received previous episode is a great idea on paper, but the execution was missing in the minds of many viewers.

However, even being the worst of the entire series, season 13 is full of interesting episodes that still bring new ideas to the show. The season features “Time’s Up For The Gang” where everyone is forced to attend a sexual harassment seminar and this average rating further demonstrates just how great this series is.

13 Season 14 (8.22)

While technically one of the worst seasons, season 14 is arguably the most consistent, as there isn’t a single episode below 8.0. The thing that holds him back is that he never reaches the heights of the best seasons.

The flagship of the season is “The Janitor Always Mops Twice”, which turns the show into a 1940s film noir parody and is one of the reasons why it’s one of the funniest Always sunny Episodes.


12 Season 1 (8.3)

Since this is where it all started, Always sunny debuted with a slew of controversial episodes right from the start. In fact, it remains arguably the most controversial season, as the episodes address racism, abortion, and even features Charlie pretending to have cancer.

The season is hilarious, but with Danny DeVito’s absence and being quite grounded in reality compared to subsequent seasons, it doesn’t quite feel like the Always sunny that fans have come to love.

11 Season 7 (8.41)

Season 7 is famous for Mac putting on a lot of weight, and how actor Rob McElhenney actually puts on weight in real life, it parodies real-life actors getting fat for dramatic roles in a meta way.

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It’s one of the many great things about the season, but the best part is that it hosts arguably the best episode ever, “Chardee McDennis: The Game Of Games”. See these characters interact with a whimsical game made for truly hilarious moments.

10 Season 6 (8.41)

Fat Mac in It's always sunny in Philadelphia

With the premiere of the season having been the most controversial of the series in just a few years, as Mac fights gay rights (despite being in the closet himself), it gets off to a great start.

Dee is pregnant all season, and is one of the most interesting seasonal arches of all. The season ends as it started, as “A Very Sunny Christmas” is one of the best season finale. All in all, this is a season ranked among the best in the show.

9 Season 11 (8.48)

Always Sunny Charlie catches a leprechaun

Being one of the best of the last few seasons, it gets off to a great start with “Chardee McDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo,” which provides a sequel to a classic. It also continues with some of the most bizarre and fantastic episodes of the entire series.

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Most absurd of all is probably “Charlie Catches A Leprechaun”, which sees the gang literally find a leprechaun and hold him captive. It is one of their most unexpected adventures.

8 Season 10 (8.48)

It's always sunny The gang beats Boggs

Season 10 is filled with classic episodes, including “The Gang Beats Boggs,” which has influenced a lot of copycats, and “The Gang Goes On Family Fight,” which has a huge Keegan-Michael Key host.

With Charlie actually doing his job being one of the reasons he’s a better character than Mac, and possibly the best character in the whole show, it all comes to its peak with “Charlie Work,” the highest rated episode of Always sunny never, with a score of 9.8. The way the episode centers on how Charlie holds things together and is underestimated, all shown in an impressive one-shot.

7 Season 8 (8.5)

Being the home of “The Gang Gets Analyzed” which became one of Frank’s best episodes, season 8 of the series has a lot of great Frank moments. He is probably the protagonist of this series of episodes.

The season also includes “The Gang Dines Out,” where he and Charlie stand in a stalemate against Mac and Dennis, but end up bonding by harassing and assaulting an innocent civilian, as they always do.

6 Season 12 (8.58)

It's always sunny at the water park

Between Dennis leaving the show and Cricket’s downward spiral somehow getting worse, season 12 has some questionable and bewildering moments.

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However, the reason it’s so much higher than other classic seasons is that it’s backed up by a few episodes that have become instant classics. “The Gang Goes To A Water Park” is one of the most hilarious and grotesque television episodes ever, and “Hero Or Hate Crime” includes the now iconic stationary bike, the Ass-Pounder 4000.

5 Season 2 (8.6)

Frank Reynolds in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 2 marked the biggest improvement the show would ever see and significantly increased the quality of the show. Danny DeVito was introduced as the father of Frank, Dennis and Dee.

Although Season 1 was great without DeVito, his character as Frank, who keeps the rest of the gang in check and at bay while being as wild and selfish as the rest of them, has become one of the best things about the show.

4 Season 9 (8.62)

It's always sunny. The gang is quarantined

In addition to featuring the now classic episode, “The Gang Gets Quarantined,” which is filled with moments that are at the peak of 2020 for obvious reasons, season 9 sees each character get their own personal best episode.

“The Gang Broke Dee” proves that Kaitlin Olson is probably the funniest character among the hilarious cast and “Flowers For Charlie” sees everyone believe the character is a genius. Plus, there’s more Lethal Weapon greatness, which is always welcome in this series.

3 Season 3 (8.62)

Always sunny entered its heyday in season 3, as it kept its hilarious and controversial narratives and built on the charming recurring characters. Since McPoyle were introduced in the first season, the two strange milk-loving brothers have been among the best recurring characters in the series.

Their flagship episode appears in season three, as “The Gang Gets Held Hostage” is one of the most memorable episodes. The season is also the longest of the whole series, as it lasts 15 episodes.

2 Season 5 (8.65)

“Paddy’s Pub: Home Of The Original Kitten Mittens” has arguably the most memorable soft opening in the series, as Charlie shows the gang an ad he shot for cat footwear, and the gang is just as confused as the viewer.

It’s one of the best Charlie episodes and the season also includes “The DENNIS System” and “The Gang Hits The Road”, but the whole season is hilarious from start to finish.

1 Season 4 (8.66)

There is nothing better than the fourth season. Presents “Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack,” the episode that features Charlie’s infamous meme in front of a bulletin board full of ropes and pictures as he’s trying to solve a mystery.

And of course, the season ends with one of the greatest endings of all time, “The Nightman Cometh,” a dark musical with a ton of depth, which actually it has become a real musical for a short period of time.

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