GTA Online hackers can crash any lobby, Speedrunner blames Rockstar

A popular GTA speedrunner has confirmed that hackers can now crash entire lobbies in GTA Online and players can no longer protect themselves.

According to a popular Grand Theft Auto speedrunner, hackers have completely hacked Grand Theft Auto online and can easily crash lobbies, regardless of the technical protection measures taken by players to prevent them. While Rockstar Games’ online sandbox for Grand Theft Auto Online evolved wildly, hackers continued to be a problem. Over the years, mod menus and tricks have plagued lobbies allowing hackers to instantly generate items, brazenly harass other players, and even access IP addresses.

Online cheating has become an infestation and the developers behind popular multiplayer titles such as call of Duty, PUBG: BATTLEFIELDS, And Destiny 2 they all announced big pushes to stop hackers from ruining experiences. In August, Activision confirmed that its Ricochet anti-cheat system was in the works for both of them Call of Duty: Warzone And Call of Duty: Vanguard, which could help persist in the ongoing problem and possibly be licensed to other developers in the future similar to BattlEye and Easy Anti Cheat. However, hackers have found their way around anti-cheat systems, and some franchises continue to suffer. A prime example is Battlefield 2042, as hackers were selling tricks for the multiplayer shooter before its launch.


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Posted on Twitter, popular Grand Theft Auto speedrunner DarkViperAU declared his disappointment at Rockstar Games following a new one Grand Theft Auto Online breach by PC hackers, and in particular the company’s lack of attention to resolving the game’s ongoing cheating problem that evidently gets worse every year. According to DarkViperAU, hackers can now crash any lobby at any time, even if players are heavily protected by an expensive VPN or in a secure lobby in a public session. Previously, gamers could purchase VPNs to hide their IP addresses and evade hackers. This tactic now seems pointless, as the speedrunner claims that he temporarily can’t take it anymore Grand Theft Auto Online content due to a new hacker breach that he believes will remain unsolved due to “Rockstars”incompetence.

Grand Theft Auto OnlineHowever, it’s not the only Rockstar title infested with hackers and modders. Red Dead Online has had a reputation for having a different cesspool of cheaters going on since its initial release. These hackers have caused all sorts of frustrations, from creating scary skeletons to attack players to generating illegal chests and banning innocent accounts. Although it is secondary, Red Dead Online it was the only case where Rockstar Games began cracking down on hackers, putting an end to those who spawned KKK NPCs to hurt other players.

Rockstar’s popular online game mode continues to lose players as hackers continue to transform its lobbies into dangerous playgrounds. It is unknown if Rockstar will ever put an end to its ongoing cheating problem, but if pushed far enough, Grand Theft Auto Online it could be fully protected even if the hacking is far from being solved.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC

Source: DarkViperAU / Twitter

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