Halo Infinite: how to change your weekly challenges

There is a way for players to change their weekly challenges in Halo Infinite. Players can use the new Challenge Exchange consumable item in the game.

There is a way for players to change their weekly challenges to Infinite Halo. The multiplayer mode for the game was officially released early as a way for Xbox to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Alone series. With free multiplayer, Microsoft has followed the Battle Path path for monetization. Players can level up and unlock cosmetic items that are not available through the free progression path. Weekly and Daily Challenges are currently the fastest ways to level up in Infinite Halo, and players can take them out to earn tons of XP for theirs Infinite Halo Battle Pass.


A big reason players might want to change theirs Infinite Halo weekly challenges is due to the fact that it is too difficult or takes too long. Alternatively, the challenge would require players to use a specific weapon they are not comfortable with. Fortunately, players can easily swap their current Weekly Challenges with a new consumable item.

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Halo multiplayer players can change their weekly challenges using the ‘Challenge Swap’ item. This is an item that players can often unlock as part of the current Battle Pass. For example, players can unlock the first once they reach level 3. Using this item will randomly replace the current weekly challenge with a new one. Players looking to complete their own Infinite Halo The Battle Pass before the end of the season should often use the “Challenge Exchange” item to eliminate any unwanted activity.

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Alternatively, players can also purchase more challenge swap items from Infinite Halo game store. It is currently bundled together in the in-game “Boost and Swap Pack”. This package will cost players 200 currency and give the player 2 XP Boosts and 2 Challenge Swaps. XP Boosts will give players double the number of XP for the next 30 minutes.

Alone players can also just wait until the end of the week for the next challenge to replace him. This isn’t the best method, especially with Weekly Challenges, as they take longer to spawn. Players can do this for Daily Challenges as there is only one day left, but too many unfinished Weekly Challenges can clog the list. One good thing to note is that the Infinite Halo Battle Pass never expires, meaning players can continue to level up even after the season ends in May 2022. More weekly and daily challenges will likely be added to the game as the season progresses.

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Infinite Halo is now available on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

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