How old is Harrison in Dexter: New Blood

It’s been nearly a decade since Dexter’s original run at Showtime ended, and his son Harrison has allegedly done some growth in that time.

Here’s how old DexterHarrison Morgan’s son is in New blood rebirth. when Dexter Debuting for the first time, the titular forensic analyst by day and serial killer by night seemed fully convinced that he was incapable of feeling true love. After all, he appears to be a sociopath, a mental condition common to those who are capable of taking the lives of others. The one thing that kept Dexter on even a semblance of a straight path was the code instilled in him by his late adoptive father Harry, which sees Dexter fuel his urge to kill by eliminating those just as bad or perhaps even worse than him. .

From the start of the show, Dexter has maintained an outwardly romantic relationship with a single mother named Rita (Julie Benz) – who sadly isn’t a part of. Dexter: New BloodRita’s returning cast, possibly due to her untimely death in season 4. However, for Dexter, Rita was simply part of the mask she wore to fit in with polite society. However, Rita somehow managed to penetrate Dexter’s dark heart, and eventually became fond of her. This eventually developed into true love – or if not love as most people know, the closest someone like Dexter could get.


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This love led Dexter and Rita to have a son named Harrison and to live a happy family life with their three collective children. That was until Arthur Mitchell, aka Trinity Killer, took revenge on Dexter by killing Rita. In the infamous season 8 finale, Dexter faked his death to start a new life as a lumberjack, leaving Harrison in the care of his girlfriend – and fellow serial killer – Hannah. How old is Harrison in Dexter: New Blood revival is a surprisingly difficult question, but the answer is most likely between the ages of 14 and 15.

Dexter New Blood Harrison

The reason it’s hard to pinpoint an exact age for Harrison is that the show sent some mixed messages. Dexter season 7 takes place canonically in 2011, just before airing. During season 7, Dexter notes that his son is 3 years old. There is a six-month time jump between the end of season 7 and the start of season 8, placing most of the season in 2012. At some point during season 8, Dexter’s now-dead sister Debra, says Harrison is 4, which makes sense. However, season 8 changed Harrison’s actor to an older boy, Jadon Wells, who was 7.

While child actors often play younger than they are, many grow up between 4 and 7, and Wells certainly didn’t look like 4, so if it wasn’t mentioned, many fans probably would have thought he was the actor’s age at the time. . Dexter: New Blood it’s not even entirely clear on the timeline. The official synopsis says New blood is set 10 years after season 8, but that should put it in 2022, not 2021, when New blood seems to take place. Either way, Harrison shouldn’t be older than 16 at the most, and that’s pushing him. Still, Jack Alcott, who plays Harrison in New blood, is 22 years old in real life. This begs the question whether New blood could joke with DexterHarrison’s timeline further aging into his teens.

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