How Tammy lost 60 lbs. At the addiction rehabilitation center

Tammy Slaton struggled to commit to her weight loss journey in the 1000lb sisters. While in a rehab facility, however, Tammy lost 60 pounds.

Tammy Slaton fought for her life in 1000 lb sisters, and although she has struggled to lose weight in the past, the reality star recently lost 60 pounds. During previous seasons of the Slaton sisters series, fans have become frustrated with Tammy as she is unable to follow her diet and puts her health at risk. From the progress in weight loss she made to her doctors’ concern that she came home too soon, here’s how Tammy’s stay in a food rehab facility caused her to lose 60 pounds.

When Tammy and her sister Amy decided to act 1000 lb sisters, the couple vowed to turn their lives around by embarking on weight loss journeys. Both Tammy and Amy have had health complications due to their food addiction and the only way the siblings would be able to reclaim their lives is through weight loss surgery. To qualify for bariatric surgery, however, the pair of Slaton sisters first had to lose weight on their own. While Amy was ultimately thriving on her diet and underwent gastric bypass surgery, Tammy never reached the weight required to become a suitable candidate for the surgery. After two unsuccessful seasons, many 1000 lb sisters fans have lost faith in Tammy’s ability to lose weight.


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After years of failing to meet her weight loss goals, Tammy’s family and fans worried that the reality star might lose her life before she qualified for bariatric surgery. Tammy hit rock bottom after contracting COVID-19 and learned she gained 20 pounds. Fortunately, Sister Slaton admitted to a food addiction rehab center to make serious improvements in her long-lasting struggle for weight loss. Last spring, Tammy stayed in a facility where she was put on a strict diet and supervised by weight loss professionals. Tammy entered the rehab center with the ambitious goal of losing 100 pounds by the end of her stay. After sticking to the low-calorie meals Tammy’s facility doctors prepared for the entertainer for eight weeks, Tammy dropped 60 pounds. While this was definitely a win, Tammy’s doctors argued that she shouldn’t have celebrated so fast.

Tammy Slaton with a breathing tube in 1000 lb sisters

Before Tammy checked in to the rehab facility, she was actively gaining weight, so that’s no small feat for the 1000 lb sisters star for losing 60 pounds in eight weeks. Unfortunately, Tammy was unable to commit to her stay at the weight loss center long enough to complete her initial goal of losing 100 pounds. People shared that when asked why she was leaving prematurely Tammy replied, “I’m homesick. I miss my bed, I miss my family. So, I think I’m ready to go.” Tammy’s doctors have argued that Tammy will have to refrain from ordering and take responsibility for preparing her own meals. However, Tammy was pleased with the 60 pounds of progress she made in eight weeks. While some fans will praise Tammy’s effort, many will continue to criticize the star for her inability to fully commit to her weight loss goals.

Tammy’s battle with food addiction is ongoing, and while she’s made some strides recently, it’s no surprise that the reality star’s progress hasn’t been a straight line. From sticking to her strict diet to coming home 40 pounds before hitting her goal, fans have mixed responses to Tammy’s experience at the rehab facility. Hopefully, Tammy will be able to prove that she can stick to her lifesaving diet without a doctor’s supervision in 1000 lb sisters season 3.

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