How to find (and catch) Palkia

Capturing Palgia is an optional event in Pokémon Shining Pearl that can be difficult to successfully execute if players don’t prepare first.

There are a few steps to complete and strategies to use to find and capture Palkia in Shining Pearl Pokémon. Palkia is a Legendary Pokémon found exclusively in Shining Pearland players will have to complete the main story to find it. This involves collecting badges and defeating various members and the leader of Team Galaxy. Players will also need to acquire the Rock Climb HM to reach Palkia on Mount Coronet.

There are eight gyms in Shining Pearl, but players only need to defeat the top seven leaders, including Candice of the Snowpoint Gym, to unlock the opportunity to capture Palkia. Interacting with Palkia is part of the main storyline of Shining Pearl, but players are not guaranteed to catch it. Doing so will require some strategy and a large supply of Ultra Balls, but even then players may have a hard time catching the elusive Legendary Pokémon in Shining Pearl.


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Palkia is one of the hardest Pokémon to catch Shining Pearland players may not be able to catch it at all. The best way to ensure Palkia is captured is to stock up on Ultra Balls and save the game just before starting the battle. Alternatively, players can use the Master Ball they receive at Team Galaxy Headquarters at the start of the game. However, it is highly recommended to save the game before fighting Palkia because if the Pokémon is Knocked Out or the player runs out of PokéBalls, the chance to catch it will be permanently lost.

Capturing Palkia in Pokémon Shining Pearl

Shining Pearl Pokémon Find and Capture Palkia Battle Start

To find Palkia, players will need to reach the top of Mount Coronet, which can be accessed by heading to the Route 208 entrance from Hearthome City. From there, players will have to climb the mountain using Rock Climb. Once at the top, the players will face each other PokémonTeam Galaxy grunts as do Mars, Jupiter, and finally Cyrus. After defeating Cyrus, players will be able to get close to Palkia.

Capturing Palkia is only guaranteed if players use their Master Ball, but there is only one in Shining Pearland players may want to save it for another hard-to-catch Legendary Pokémon like Cresselia. Instead, players can use Ultra Balls, but they will likely need a large number of them. Minimize Palkia’s health without knocking him out, then continuously throw Ultra Ball until he’s caught. Palkia is a Water-Dragon-type Pokémon, so it will take the most damage from Fairy and Dragon moves. Players can also put Palkia to sleep to make it a little easier to catch him. Saving the game just before the match will allow players to try and catch Palkia more than once.

If the players don’t save before fighting Palkia and he runs or passes out, there will be no way to catch him. Stocking up on as many Ultra Balls as possible is key to increasing your chances of catching. Players can also use their Master Ball, although it may be more suitable for catching another Legendary Pokémon. Palkia is the legendary main story in Pokémon: Shining Pearl and players will only have one opportunity to fight and capture it.

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Shining Pearl Pokémon is available for Nintendo Switch.

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