It’s too late for Sigourney Weaver to return as Ripley from Alien

As beloved as a character like Alien’s Ellen Ripley is, the time for Sigourney Weaver to return to the role in a neq movie has already come and gone.

Ellen Ripley is an iconic character and Sigourney Weaver is a screen icon, but it’s too late for her to return to the alien franchising. While action heroines are much more common in today’s movies, when Ripley went to fight alongside a group of rough and tough space marines in 1986 aliens, seeing her holding that flamethrower was truly a sight to behold. Every great female hero in movies since then must have both of aliens Ripley and Weaver a tip of the hat.

Ripley debuted in the original 1979 alien movie, but while she was resourceful there, she was also a survivor and not a fighter. It wasn’t until the James Cameron sequel that Ripley became the character she is best known with, although that character strangely wouldn’t last long. Alien 3 saw Ripley – devastated by the deaths of Hicks and Newt – struggling to survive once again. That fight ended with his death, hence the eventual cloning for Alien: Resurrection.

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Neither Weaver nor Ripley had any involvement with the alien franchising for over 20 years since then Resurrection, but that hasn’t stopped fans from pining for Ripley’s return. It’s not hard to see why, as Weaver has always excelled in the role, regardless of the quality of the film around her. Unfortunately, at this point, it is likely to be too late for a Ripley return to happen in a way that would please the public.

The current Alien franchise is a mess

A xenomorph from Alien: Covenant.

Alien: Resurrection was released in theaters in 1997, which means that it has been more than 20 years since it was actually released alien franchise was produced. Alien versus predator – who canceled his best scene – and his sequel Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem they resembled or linked little to Ripley’s films, content to do their own thing. Considering how widely disliked they were, that’s probably for the best. Since then, however, Ridley Scott has directed the divisive prequel Prometheus, as well as its sequel Alien: Pact, which tends to be seen in a more negative light.

At this juncture, Scott has repeatedly suggested he could make a third in the alien prequel, although it’s unclear what form it might take. Additionally, FX and Legionby Noah Hawley are working on a alien TV show, one that will do something the franchise has rarely done before: bring the Xenomorph to Earth in a time not too far from the present. However, that time frame actually excludes a Ripley appearance of Weaver, like her story in the original alien it begins in 2122 and moves away from the present only as it continues. With Neill Blomkamp’s previously floated Alien 5 Seemingly dead in the water sequel project, it’s hard to think of a place for Weaver’s Ripley to fit into the franchise’s future plans. This is especially true if some retcons aren’t being used to bring the real Ellen Ripley back to life, as it’s doubtful that most viewers want to see more. Alien: Resurrectionthe Ripley 8 clone running around.

Alien missed the best chance for Ripley’s return

sigourney alien weaver 5

While the works of director Neill Blomkamp since he broke out with District 9 there have been ups and downs, it is fair to say many alien fans were thrilled when it looked like Blomkamp would bring his idea for a aliens continuation of life. Often referred to as Alien 5 due to the lack of an official title, Blomkamp’s script was a direct follow-up to that of James Cameron aliens and completely reconnected the events of Alien 3 And Resurrection. This means that not only the real Ripley would be back in the mix, but also the characters of Corporal Hicks, Newt and the android Bishop killed unceremoniously.

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Beyond that, it’s unclear exactly what Neill Blomkamp is Alien 5 history would care, but after the success of Halloween 2018 and Halloween kills, it is clear that the public is willing to go ahead with retconning some sequels to facilitate a satisfactory reboot. Sadly, Fox and Ridley Scott put an end to the Blomkamp sequel, with the director recently claiming the project is practically dead. This is despite Sigourney Weaver herself supporting him and willing to return as Ripley. Considering how much loved aliens It’s hard to think of a better scenario for Ripley’s possible return to the franchise than a full-fledged follow-up to Cameron’s classic. Additionally, Weaver is 72 years old and has slowed down his acting pace in recent years, making an average of 2-3 projects per year. In addition, it is firmly committed to Avatar 2-5 – despite the death of his character – whose production is nowhere near complete, limiting his availability.

How Alien could still make a Ripley cameo work

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien and Amanda in Alien Isolation

While a return of Sigourney Weaver to the role of Ellen Ripley in the future alien the movie probably isn’t the best idea, for the reasons stated above, that doesn’t mean it can never appear in any capacity. For example, an older Ripley might play a minor role on a movie set decades later aliens, perhaps having further evolved into the leader of some sort of resistance against the ever-evil Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Even a disillusioned Hicks could have left the colonial Marines and joined Ripley’s crusade, also explaining an appearance of him. While Weaver’s Ellen Ripley might feature in the plot, she could serve in a more advisory role for a new lead, someone who perhaps reminds Ripley of her younger self.

Perhaps the best scenario of that kind could see a new one alien partially adapt the acclaimed Alien: Isolation video game and focus the plot on his daughter Amanda Ripley. Amanda may be looking for her mother, and perhaps eventually find her, leading to a short but cathartic reunion. The biggest obstacle to any of these scenarios would be viewers’ willingness to accept Ellen Ripley appearing in a alien movie and not being the center of the story, and making Amanda Ripley the main character could help alleviate that. There is also Weaver’s willingness to do the same, as she is very protective of Ripley’s character and may not like the idea of ​​her taking second place to someone else. For now though, the character remains retired and it may be too late for Sigourney Weaver to return as of aliens the iconic hero Ripley.

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