Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake changes skipped these platinum updates

Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl allow players to return to the Sinnoh region of Generation IV, but leave out most of the content that was added in Platinum.

With the long-awaited release of Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl, players can finally return to the familiar Sinnoh region to discover everything that has changed since they last visited it in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl or Pokémon: Platinum. These remakes promised to be faithful recreations of the original Diamond and Pearl games, although information available prior to their release suggested that some of the changes made in Platinum would be back. However, some of the platinum the distinguishing features remain out Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl as the games adhere more to the content of the originals.


While Platinum was widely considered a major upgrade for Diamond and Pearl, BDSP they are functionally ported to the original games, for the most part, with improved 3D graphics. However, they include new features and updates of their own to set them apart from the originals. fan of platinum many unique and interesting features may be disappointed to find that most of these changes have not been carried over to Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl.

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It is possible that Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl will include content from Platinum in the future if there will, in fact, be DLC for games. However, this is currently speculation as Nintendo hasn’t hinted at any upcoming DLCs BDSP, And Pokémon Legends: Arceus will likely take center stage for the franchise when it releases in early 2022. With the notable lack of Platinum contained in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl, players will find that these major changes haven’t carried over to the newly released Generation IV remakes.

The world of distortion is absent from BDSP

Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum Cover

The showdown against Cyrus in Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl brings back the original encounter from D&P where players can catch Dialga or Palkia depending on their version. However, platinum Distortion World is absent as Giratina is no longer the game’s Legendary mascot that players encounter on the game’s culminating Spear Pillar. With its unique mechanics and quirky atmosphere that sets it apart from anything else in the game, players may be disappointed to know that the world of Distortion will not be present in. Diamonds and Pearls refurbishments.

Although it is not possible to access this parallel realm in Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl, its resident Giratina can still be captured after players defeat the Pokémon League. Giratina can be found by returning to Route 214 under Veilstone City, where a new hidden path has been opened on the right just below Psychic Mitchell. This spring path features Pokémon that are around level 50 and leads players to the Cave of Return, where the legendary Giratina will be waiting for them.

The original D&P gym puzzles and order return to BDSP

Players prepare to take on the Gym Leader Fantina in the Hearthome City Gym.

Some of the gyms in Platinum has had major renovations compared to Diamond and Pearl. The Eternal Gym, Hearthome Gym, and Pietravelo Gym presented entirely new puzzles, and players challenged these gyms in a new order. Hearthome Gym was the fifth gym in D&P, but Platinum allowed players to take on the Gym Leader Fantina the first time they arrived in Hearthome City, making Hearthome City the third gym in the game instead. The interior had also been modified to present a maze that players had to navigate in the dark rather than a short math quiz requiring players to enter the door corresponding to each room’s answer to reach the Fantina. Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl brought back the original order, so Hearthome is the fifth gym again, complete with its original puzzle. Fortunately, the Pokétch has a calculator so players can check their calculations.

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The Eternal Gym and the Pietravelo Gym also had updated puzzles in Platinum that didn’t make it BDSP, what a feature Diamonds and Pearls originals. Instead of playing hide-and-seek with four trainers to reach Gardenia in the Eternal gym, the players had to rotate the hands of the giant gym clock by defeating the four trainers before they could reach Gardenia. The Pietravelo Gym originally contained sliding blocks that players had to move to clear a path to Maylene, but Platinum he had punching bags that players hit to overturn the piles of tires blocking the road ahead.

BDSP gym leaders use original D&P teams

Sinnoh's Toughest Gym Leaders return to Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl.

In addition to the changes that Platinum Done at his gym’s puzzles, most of his gym leaders also had different Pokémon on their teams. Gardenia’s Cherubi had evolved into a Cherrim for platinum fight, and Fantina’s Gengar was downgraded to Haunter. Fantina’s Drifblim was also swapped for Duskull. Bryon’s team includes a Magneton instead of a Bronzor, which increases the difficulty of his battle and complements his team’s abilities.

With the expanded Pokédex of Platinum as compared to D&P, Candice and Volkner’s teams featured more Pokémon of their respective types as more ice and electric type Pokémon were included in the game. Candice had a Piloswine and a Froslass instead of Snover and Medicham, and Volkner fought with Jolteon and Electivire instead of Ambipom and Octillery. Despite the return of each gym leader’s original team in BDSPHowever, the remakes update their gym battles by giving Pokémon from each side new movesets, presenting a new challenge to both. D&P And Platinum.

Looker didn’t make it to BDSP

Looker is missing from Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Looker was a character first introduced in the series in Platinum who helped players foil Team Galaxy’s evil plans. As an international police officer, Looker investigates their criminal activities and appears at various points in the game as players battle Team Galaxy and infiltrate their bases. While Looker became a recurring character in Pokémon franchise since Platinum and shows up to solve mysteries and fight crime in most of the newest major games in the franchise, he doesn’t appear in Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl, which keep the original story of D&P.

D & P’s original climate returns to Sinnoh in BDSP

Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum Dresses

Platinum featuring a Sinnoh region that was noticeably colder than it had been in Diamond and Pearl, with Lucas and Dawn wearing winter clothes to keep warm during their adventures. while them Platinum the dresses come in Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl, which allows players to change their outfits to customize their avatar, the climate of the Sinnoh region has returned to its more temperate state. It is possible that Sinnoh has gotten colder due to the opening of the Distortion World portal at the top of Mount Coronet, and since this kingdom is not included in the remakes, the warmer climate of Sinnoh is present once again in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl.

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