Porsha faces the prospect of engagement with Simon in the spin-off scene

Porsha Williams is facing all the controversy surrounding her engagement to Simon Guobadia in her spin-off Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Porsha Williams is facing all the controversy surrounding her engagement to Simon Guobadia on Real Atlanta Housewives spin off. The recently deceased housewife kicked off the week by unveiling the official trailer for her new spin-off series Porsha’s family matters, and it seems her loved ones tested her when it came to dating Simon. Porsha blinded everyone when she announced her engagement to Simon after her divorce from Falynn Guobadia. Now that he has confirmed his exit from rhoa, Porsha is poised to open up in new ways with her first solo spin-off series.

Porsha is the second rhoa star to secure its own spin-off. In the wake of the cancellation of the Kim Zolciak-Biermann spin-off, Porsha now has its chance. Her new show comes after Porsha announced her departure from both Country of the dish And rhoa within a month of each other. Porsha has made drastic changes to her life since filming wrapped up for the season 13 reunion. Fans were disappointed when Porsha confirmed she wouldn’t be included in season 14. But watching the trailer for her new spin-off , Porsha is still bringing the drama to Bravo.

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The Porsha’s family matters the spinoff will premiere on Bravo on Sunday 28 November. Bravo has unveiled the first trailer look (included below) of the new Porsha spinoff, so fans are shocked by his departure from rhoa will surely be entertained by its spinoff. In the trailer, Porsha’s outspoken family reacts to the news of her engagement to Simon and the speed with which the couple has moved. “I dragged my family and friends alone in my own shit”, Porsha laughs before telling his family it’s Simon’s “fourth wife”. During her family trip to Mexico, Porsha is grilled by her mother, sister, aunts, cousins, grandmother and friends. “I want to know why Simon’s previous three marriages didn’t work out,” asks one family member as another adds, “How did you get engaged to a married man?”

Direct questions are exactly what fans want to see Porsha answer. That’s what was expected of her in season 14, but since she left rhoa, it seems that all the tea will be poured into its own schedule. It is also clear why Porsha gave up returning to rhoa considering what he went through in his spinoff. Just like Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Porsha came out rhoa when the pressure became excessive. In the trailer, Porsha admits that “optics don’t look good because people don’t have all the facts “, when it comes to her engagement to Simon. In another clip, Porsha’s ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter Pilar Jhena, Dennis McKinley, explains his addition to the dynamic. “Things never really ended with little mother “, Dennis says in a confessional. In a later clip, Simon is seen saying to Porsha, “I will always stay in my place. There is no other man who will speak about me.” Then Simone is heard saying: “You gotta stay fucking out of my business,” before a huge physical altercation erupts at the end of the trailer as Porsha cries in Simon’s arms.

It’s an interesting exchange considering Dennis and Simon were once friends. In fact, he was the reason Simon and Porsha were introduced. Simon appeared briefly on rhoa season 13 as Falynn’s then husband. Shortly after the reunion aired, Porsha and Simon announced a relationship and later confirmed their engagement. Porsha did well to face the “optics“surrounding her engagement, but she and Simon are still going strong and headed for their spin-off series. The trailer arrives as cast details for Real Atlanta Housewives season 14 is revealed. Porsha left the show in good standing, so the door is always open for his return. Considering how full of drama her spin-off show is, however, Porsha may not need to resume her fishing.

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