Rusty is late for work and ruins a funeral

Ahead of its upcoming release, Adult Swim shares a preview of Squidbillies season 13, the final season of its anthropomorphic squid comedy.

A new clip from SquidbillieS. season 13 was released ahead of its upcoming November premiere. Aired as part of Cartoon Network’s Late Night Adult Swim programming block, Squidbillies Season 13 is also confirmed as the show’s final season. Despite entering its final run, Squidbillies will join the likes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force And robot chicken as one of Adult Swim’s longest running shows, with a total of over 100 episodes in its nearly seventeen year history.

Squidbillies follows the lives of a family of anthropomorphic squid living in a small town in Georgia, with foul-mouthed mollusks trying to make ends meet, often at the expense of others. Despite the endless chaos that the family causes to their neighbors, squid crimes are usually ignored due to their classification as an endangered species. The show’s longstanding success is due to its creators, Jim Fortier and Dave Willis, who thanks to their fantastic writing and skill in representing edgy and absurd humor, helped to consolidate Squidbillies as one of the best Adult Swim shows. In the years, Squidbillies also included incredible guests, many of whom went on to perform their own versions of the show’s theme song, with artists from all backgrounds giving the tune their own spin, such as punk icons Against Me! and rapper T-Pain.

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With the premiere of Squidbillies season 13 around the corner, Adult Swim shared a short clip of an upcoming episode, in which teen squid Rusty is late for work. In the scene, Rusty is scolded by his boss for being late with his new grave dig job, with Rusty continuing to hit the gas pipe for the crematorium as he quickly digs up the unfinished grave. Messy events unfold before onlookers paying their respects to the deceased, as two cemetery operators attempt to remove the coffin from the hearth’s sunroof that Rusty managed to wedge into a wall. Check out the clip, below:

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Judging by the preview, the show will conclude its run with another season of ridiculous and deeply satirical episodes, something fans have come to expect from the Squidbillies strange and deliberately inconsistent world. But, as nearly all of the show’s voice actors return, Unknown Hinson, the voice of the patriarch of the Early Cuyler squid family, will be replaced in the final season following a series of controversial Facebook posts. Taking over the major Squidbillies role is Tracy Morgan, current star of the TBS comedy The latest OG Morgan, thankfully, is no stranger to voice acting, and with two Emmy nominations under his belt, it’s safe to say that the latest season of Squidbillies is in good hands.

While the end is near for the Squidbillies, the longtime show and its fans certainly deserve a big hello. Squidbillies season 13 seems to be just that, going all out for a truly bizarre final season. The show will also have a panel at the upcoming Adult Swim Festival 2021. The festival comes a week later Squidbillies premieres for season 13, but it’s likely the panel will work as a retrospective for the entire series and may even tease more about what’s to come in season 13, possibly with another clip or a new trailer. Either way, Adult Swim is sure to give the resolute show the goodbye it deserves. Squidbillies Season 13 will premiere on November 7, while the 2021 Adult Swim Festival kicks off on November 12.

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