Season 2 of The Witcher will have Geralt as accurate as the book, says Cavill

Henry Cavill states that Geralt in The Witcher season 2 will “be more talkative” and “be more of an intellectual”, although he is still far from cheerful.

Henry Cavill says that in the sorcerer season 2, his character Geralt will be more faithful to the novels. The series, which debuted its first season on Netflix in 2019, follows Cavill’s magically infused monster hunter through a variety of adventures. Although the release of the sorcerer Season 2 was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic and an on-set leg injury for Cavill, is now scheduled for the first time on December 17, 2021, with the sorcerer season 3 already confirmed.

the sorcerer is based on the series of eponymous fantasy novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, mostly published in the late 1990s. The famous video game series the sorcerer, which began in 2007, is also based on the same novels. Notably, season 1 of the Netflix series was based on short story collections The last wish And Sword of fate detailing Geralt’s adventures as he draws closer and closer to his fate of being inextricably linked to Freya Allan’s Crown Princess Ciri.


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Talking with Total movie, Henry Cavill explained how the new season will make Geralt more accurate in his characterization in the origin novels. This includes seeing it “talk more“and looks like”more intellectual.“This doesn’t mean that he will completely change the character and become a clear sign of positivity, but it was important to Cavill that the character reflects more of the series as a whole. Check out the full quote below:

This season, I really wanted to make sure we represented the Geralt of the book more accurately and saw him talk more. I pushed really, really hard for it. I wouldn’t say cheerful. He is still Geralt of Rivia, but he certainly presents himself more as an intellectual. It’s a hard life, chasing monsters … I wouldn’t recommend it.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia The Witcher - Season 2 Trailer

In the novels, Geralt isn’t exactly a sunny personality. He is a sober-minded professional who tries to avoid becoming emotionally involved in the political implications of the world around him. However, Geralt’s guidance of Princess Ciri in the sorcerer, which will start in earnest this season as she continues to develop her powers, will open him up to the more emotional side of things he has been avoiding for so long.

Henry Cavill’s charismatic performance of Geralt was a major component of the success of the sorcerer. As Cavill understands how this character needs to be portrayed, the fact that he’s so invested in the direction he’s taken this new season is great news for fans of the show. So far it has shown that its decisions can be trusted, and having a character closer to the source material is always something readers are willing to embrace with open arms.

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