Signs that Steven doesn’t really want to marry Alina

Steven and Alina are well on their way to getting married in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but there are plenty of things that indicate Steven isn’t ready to marry her.

Steven Johnston and his fiancée Alina are finally moving forward with their plans to get married 90 day boyfriend: the other way, but there are many indications that Steven doesn’t want to get married yet. Even though Alina is thrilled to marry her love, many fans think she deserves more than Steven can give her. On the show, Steven doesn’t seem to be very excited about his upcoming wedding, and this has made many viewers critical of the 90 days boyfriend relationship of the star with Alina.

This season on The other way, Steven and Alina met in Turkey to get around a Russian immigration loophole. Their plan from the start was to get married in Turkey so that Steven could later move to Russia to be with Alina. However, as soon as they arrived in the country, Alina learned some alarming truths about her would-be spouse. It turns out that while Steven expected Alina to remain chaste and devoted to the Mormon religion, he had engaged in many sexual feats. But despite her many red flags, Alina said yes when Steven proposed, and now they’re back on track to get married.


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In a recent episode, Alina was getting excited about their upcoming wedding, but Steven seemed a lot more hesitant. It was clear that Steven wasn’t as ready to get married as Alina is, and for some time now he has been showing signs of wanting to pump up breaks. Steven has been dragging his feet the entire time they have been in Turkey, to the point where the couple barely have time to get married before having to leave the country. She knew what Alina’s pain points were, but she still wouldn’t do the things she knew she had to do to make her feel safe in their relationship.

Alina Steven Johnston 90 days engaged the other way

Additionally, Steven was arrested talking to girls on Instagram, but still resisted deleting his social media accounts, even though Alina said she needed him to do so before she could trust him again. He also made up other excuses, such as wanting Alina to convert to the Mormon religion before they got married. However, most fans felt this apology was a smokescreen for Steven not feeling ready to marry Alina. Steven also admitted that if the situation had been different, he would have preferred to wait for a wedding. Also, she said the only reason she was agreeing to get married was that it was their only legal option.

Many viewers were frustrated with Alina and Steven’s journey forward 90 day boyfriend: the other way because Steven’s behavior seems very obvious. He’s clearly not ready to get married, but he’s moving on anyway, which isn’t the best way to start their relationship as a husband and wife. Unfortunately, it looks like the couple will move on with their marriage, although they may regret having rushed into marriage so quickly.

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