She left for Sooryavanshi. After enjoying a fantastic first week of Rs. 120.67 crore, all eyes were on what the second weekend would be like for Akshay Kumar’s star. The work was first done when the second Friday held up quite well at Rs. 6.83 crore. Post that it was all about getting good growth on Saturday and that’s what happened with Rs. 10.35 crore on the way.

What the film needs from here is the momentum to continue through Sunday. In the first weekend the growth from Saturday to Sunday there was but not so much since the film was seen that it is playing at a high level and then there was also the Diwali factor. Right now it’s as usual as usual from the bygone era, when movies showed regular trends. While multiplex movies sometimes did nearly triple the Friday business on Sunday, the growth for Sunday mass movies was considered good, as long as it was twice as long on Friday.

That’s exactly what the Rohit Shetty-directed film would have hoped for on Sunday, which is to do double the Friday deals of Rs. 6.83 crore and in the process bring something between Rs..13-14 crore. If that’s indeed the case, the film will pretty much come close to Rs. 150 crore, which is the desired result for all associates.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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