Rohit Shetty directed Akshay Kumar starring Sooryavanshi released earlier this week with a thunderous response from audiences and critics alike. As the first major Bollywood entertainer to release after the lockdown, all eyes have been on the film’s business. Up to expectations Sooryavanshi it is going better than expected.

Now in the UAE / GCC overseas market Sooryavanshi after raising Rs. 3.48 cr. on the first day he managed to collect another 258,907 USD [Rs. 1.92 cr.] on day 2. With 225,301 USD [Rs. 1.67 cr.] coming from the UAE market and another 33,606 USD [Rs. 0.24 cr.] from the GCC circuit the total takings of the film within this market amounted to 727,969 USD [Rs. 5.40 cr.] two days after its release.

Given the current growth, commercial forecasts state that the business of Sooryavanshi it will continue to grow with each passing day.

The UAE / GCC ticket office at a glance:

Day 1United Arab Emirates – 394,120 USD [Rs. 2.92 cr]GCC – $ 74,942 [Rs. 0.56 cr]

Day 2United Arab Emirates – 225,301 USD [Rs. 1.67 cr]
GCC – $ 33,606 [Rs. 0.24 cr]

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