The protagonist of Akshay Kumar Sooryavanshi released yesterday to a thunderous response from the public. With positive reviews and good audience feedback, the film’s business saw good collections on opening day. Even in foreign markets, Sooryavanshi has done lively business. Released on 1,300 screens in overseas markets, the film managed to register quite good figures for the opening day.

Indeed, Sooryavanshi managed to get a staggering 1.08 million. U.S. dollar [Rs. 8.10 cr.] on its opening day. Given the hype surrounding it Sooryavanshi, and the fact that the film is the first major Bollywood entertainer to be released after the pandemic, the expectations were that the film’s business would take off on a flying note.

Currently, commercial forecasts state that the business of Sooryavanshi will see further growth in the opening weekend. In fact, estimates say that at the current rate of growth the film could emerge as one of the highest grossing in the foreign market in recent times.

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