The protagonist Akshay Kumar Sooryavanshi the one released last week is doing pretty well at the box office. After opening on a thunderous note, the film’s business managed to surpass the Rs. 100 cr brand in five days. Despite limited occupation due to Covid-19 restrictions, Sooryavanshi attracted audiences to theaters. Now, at the end of its first consecutive week, the film has managed to gross Rs. 120.66 cr.

In this box office report, we take a look at the proceeds from the opening week of Sooryavanshi comparing the same with previous versions of Akshay Kumar. Collection of Rs. 120.66 cr Sooryavanshi managed to become the fifth highest grossing of all time of the actor’s opening week. Previous Sooryavanshi on Akshay’s top-grossing opening week list are his films such as 2.0 which raised Rs. 139.75 cm, Homemade 4 which raised Rs. 129.35 cm, Mangal mission which raised Rs. 128.16 cr and good new wz which had raised Rs. 127.90 cm. It is noteworthy that the activity of Sooryavanshi surpassed other actor releases such as Kesari which raised Rs. 105.86 cr, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha which raised Rs. 96.05 cm, Rustom which raised Rs. 90.90 cm, Gold which raised Rs. 87.30 cr, e airlift which raised Rs. 83.50 cm.

Currently, Sooryavanshi continues to shoot in theaters with audiences continuing to patronize the film. Given this trend and the fact that the film was the first major Bollywood entertainer to be released in a while, expectations are that the film business will continue to grow. In fact, forecasts state that the business of Sooryavanshi will see a spike in collections during its second weekend.

Akshay Kumar’s 10 highest grossing opening week at a glance:
2.0 – Rs. 139.75 cr
Homemade 4 – Rs. 129.35 cr
Mangal mission – Rs. 128.16 cr
good new wz – Rs. 127.90 cr
Sooryavanshi – Rs. 120.66 cr
Kesari – Rs. 105.86 cr
Toilet – Ek Prem Katha – Rs. 96.05 cr
Rustom – Rs. 90.90 cr
Gold – Rs. 87.30 cm
airlift – Rs. 83.50 cr

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