Sooryavanshi surpassed all expectations at the box office as the film grossed in the range of Rs. From 28.5 to 31 crore on its opening day according to first estimates. Rohit Shetty’s directory was set to open around Rs. At 20 to 25 crore, however, business day one is simply historic, especially as we are still in the midst of a pandemic with restrictions on cinema occupation in some states.

The collections would have been even better if the sneak peeks had been opened in time, as the morning shows were swayed due to the late release of the film in national chains. The film had a 35% to 40% opening in morning shows, however occupancy grew more and more with each passing show and was reaching optimal capacity for midday and evening shows.

It has seen a shocking response in Gujarat and Maharashtra, as expected, with the former performing on par or even better than the pre-pandemic era. Rohit Shetty brand value is working great in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The collections are also excellent in Delhi and Punjab and this has to do with the Akshay Kumar factor which is a big name in the north. Whether it’s multiplexes or single screens, the film was in riot mode. The final figures could be a crore or two more or less depending on the final business of the non-national chains, but regardless, it’s a fantastic day.

All in all, it’s a great opening across the country and with the positive reports coming in, we can say it’s just the beginning.

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