Sooryavanshi Day 2 Estimated at the box office: Akshay Kumar star registers a strong hold on Saturday; collects approx. Rs. 24 crore: Bollywood Box Office

Sooryavanshi marked the Rs. 50 crore mark in just two days as the film rounded up collections in the range of approx. Rs. from 23.5 to 24.5 crore the second day. The decline was expected because it came from a big holiday, and the fact that it is less than 10% since opening day is a positive sign for producers regarding the long period of Sooryavanshi He is concerned.

The film continued to do well in Gujarat, as well as national chains, however the nominal drop, as expected, came in mass belts. The CI territory, which raised Rs. 94 lakhs on Friday should end the day with approx. Rs 75 lakh. Likewise, Rajasthan also fell by around 20%. The multiplexes were just great and showed collections at par, in fact, even marginally better than Fridays in certain places.

The two day business is around Rs. 50 crore mark and Sunday figures are expected to rise by at least 20% to reach around Rs. 30 crore. The biz opening weekend of Sooryavanshi it will be around Rs 80 crore, and this is roughly in the same range as some of Akshay Kumar’s greatest films in pre-pandemic times.

Sooryavanshi gave a ray of hope to the Hindi film industry as it actually turned out to be a film that draws audiences back in large numbers. The figures in Maharashtra and Gujarat have a lot to do with Rohit Shetty’s brand value and also with the goodwill of his crime universe, while the northern belt has benefited most from the presence of Akshay Kumar, in whom he has a very strong grip .

The film is set to be the first blockbuster film since the release of Tanhaji in January 2019 and the success that comes in difficult times like these makes the company even more special. Monday’s blocking of collections will give us an idea of ​​the collections for life, but given the positive speeches, this crime thriller should show a positive trend in the next 10 days.

The final figures may be marginally higher or lower depending on the business of the small towns and the final total of the national chains. There is a possibility that it will also touch the first day of business, but this is something we can concretely say tomorrow morning

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