Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi it raised in the range of Rs. 28.5 cm. to Rs. 31 cr. on Sundays bringing the total of the three-day weekend to approx. Rs. 79 cr. The film had phenomenal success in mass belts on Sunday, and this particular audience segment seems to have accepted the film in a big way. The opening weekend figures were obviously elevated by the value of the franchise and the presence of Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh, but it all went together to bring the audience back.

Business has also risen in national chains, as data up to 7 pm is about 10% higher than on Friday. The film surpassed all expectations on its opening weekend and is now looking to achieve a great long-term result. The large weekend number gave a ray of hope to the film industry as audiences have finally returned in large numbers to experience a great entertainer in theaters.

The best travel circuits for Sooryavanshi they were Gujarat and Maharashtra followed by Delhi / UP, Punjab, Nizam with the former being the strongest for Rohit Shetty and the latter being the central belt of Akshay Kumar. Bihar, Rajasthan also contributed in a key way to Sooryavanshi, being a real commercial film, it was perfect for bringing audiences back to these circuits. As it was in the pre covid era, all eyes are on the crucial Monday, as collections in the Rs 13 crore range will ensure the film surpasses Rs. 125 crore mark in its first week which would be great.

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