The 10 best characters, according to Reddit

Over fifteen seasons, Supernatural cultivated a huge fandom that is so deeply connected to the characters on the show. Whether they’re members of Team Free Will or extended members of the Winchester family, or even villains turning into anti-heroes, the show is filled with excellent characters adored by fans.

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Reddit is a place where many of the millions of Supernatural fans go out and talk about the show, and one topic that constantly comes up is the show’s best / favorite characters, with multiple names being put on top of those lists from time to time by Redditors.



Supernatural Death makes his introduction by arriving in Chicago on his white horse

Not only does Death have one of the best character presentations in Supernatural, but proved to be one of the show’s best recurring characters between seasons 5 and 10, considered to be the favorite character of a deleted Redditor.

They cite the character’s range as a factor in this, stating, “This guy has been pestering and admonishing a Castiel that he might frame an Archangel in a red paste, in the next episode he randomly remakes to do an eclipse.” Death, the original death, was undoubtedly a bright and terrifying presence on the show, but also seriously entertaining with great dynamics with characters like Dean.

Jack Kline

Jack escapes from Mal'ak's box in Supernatural

There are many different opinions on Jack Kline and his status as the fourth main character on Supernatural for its last three seasons. However, he is loved by many, including by Redditor possessed and obsessed.

By listing their top ten characters, they put Jack on top, saying that “he’s so fucking adorable and innocent”. Jack added a freshness and a whole new level to Supernatural, and while his story wasn’t flawless, the character did well enough on the show to be a favorite of many vocal fans on Reddit.

Charlie Bradbury

Many fans believe that some characters have been treated rather badly by the writers, disrespected and walked away Supernatural too soon, Charlie is the perfect example and is a character loved by so many, like Redditor haryrrrowe.

They say “Charlie has always been, and always will be,” their favorite character, and I’m not the only one. With her extravagance, humor and unique personality, as well as her dynamic little sister with Sam and Dean, Charlie quickly became adored by many fans who never forgave the show for how they killed her.

Rowena MacLeod

Rowena MacLeod kicked off her time in Supernatural like a villain who only cared about herself and her power. However, she became a close ally and friend of the Winchesters, becoming adored by fans like Redditor aSnakewillbiteback.

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They rank Rowena first in their top ten favorite characters, saying Rowena had a great “character development in season 13, and she was my favorite even before”. Rowena never stopped returning to the fold in Supernatural, even returning as Queen of Hell after her final death, and most fans were always happy to see the witch reappear, especially with her humor and dynamic with Sam.


Despite debuting correctly on the show in season 5, it wasn’t until season 15 when Lucifer, the longest-running great evil in Supernatural, he finally bit the bullet and died. Over the course of his time on the series, however, he has proven himself to be one of the best characters on the show for fans like LunarKam RedditorI.

By ranking the Archangel at the top of the top five characters, the Redditor states that “Lucifer’s motives were understandable and very human, and his relationship with the main cast was amazing.” From the portrayal of Mark Pelligrino in the time of Sam possessed by the devil to Casifer, Lucifer has rarely disappointed fans; has proven to be a significant part of the show for years with his comedic timing, complex personality, and endless evil.


Undoubtedly one of supernatural Funniest characters and one of the best, Crowley’s story arc took him from villain to anti-hero to pure and simple hero on more than one occasion, and he proved himself to be one of the show’s best characters for Redditor MaddieTorte.

They describe Crowley as saying: “He is charming, witty, crafty as a fox, intelligent, completely rotten, and man, something about him exudes pure sensuality and hedonism, “proving that the King of Hell inspires a lot of love from the passionate fandom. Crowley was often mistreated by the Winchesters because of the evil he did early in his run, but in the end he proved he’s good at a huge sacrifice, and fans are still furious that he never returned after his death.

Bobby Singer

Many fans consider Bobby Singer to be the true father figure to Sam and Dean rather than John, and it’s hard to argue with that given how amazing he was for the guys, as well as the audience who loved him, like Redditor from ear to grave.

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They ask at the beginning of a Reddit thread: “Who is your favorite character and why is Bobby Singer?” going on to describe the many reasons why, along with many others, they adore Bobby. His death was one of the saddest moments on the show, and while it still annoys fans, it doesn’t take away all the splendor and emotional layers that Bobby brought to the show and the characters of Sam and Dean.


Castiel Wings Supernatural

When Castiel first showed his wings to Dean Winchester in “Lazarus Rising”, fans immediately fell in love with him and for the next eleven seasons he became a fan favorite character as Redditor of_skies_and_seas.

Answering the question about their favorite character, the Redditor states, “Castiel. He’s been tested and credibly developed, yet he always cares and never gives up no matter how badly life / people treat him.” Then they go on to talk about the many iterations of Cas that helped keep the character fresh. It is a crime that there was no place in the finale for Cas, given his impact on the show, his characters and his fans, who still care so deeply about the angel who pulled Dean from perdition.

Sam Winchester

Sam tells Dean that he doesn't care about dying in Supernatural Sacrifice

Often, Sam Winchester receives criticism from fans and doesn’t get the level of love his older brother gets. However, there are a lot of Sam fans out there who see him as the best Supernatural has to offer, not least Redditor conundrumicus.

They claim to be “a Sam boy since the pilot, and he’s my favorite character in all 15 seasons”. They go on to list the reasons why Sam is superior to Dean, which may be unfair, and talk about Sam’s best qualities that all fans love him for. One of them is how his heart is always in the right place despite Dean’s many mistakes and betrayals Supernatural. Fans will almost always have a favorite of the two brothers, and there are so many reasons why Sam can be considered better than Dean and the best character on the show overall.

Dean Winchester

Dean climbs the Impala in heaven and turns on the radio to listen to Carry on Wayward Son before crossing heaven in the Supernatural finale

For many fans, Dean Winchester is Supernatural; is the central hub of much of the show, and rightfully so, with fans like Redditor AllWhiteInk and many others who claim old Winchester as their favorite character.

They keep saying Dean is “smart, funny, tough, [has a great] sense of duty, a nice car, […and is] loyal and indulgent. “And these are just some of the adjectives applicable to the complex character. It’s really hard to separate the two Winchesters, but in general, more fans, especially those in Reddit threads, lean towards Dean as the best in the show. Jensen Ackles’ performances, the many amazing Dean-centric episodes, and Dean’s presence on the show in general, it’s hard to argue.

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