The most compelling cast members

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise is full of dramatic and chaotic personalities, but it also has some simple and recognizable cast members.

While many people tune in to 90 days boyfriend to witness the juicy drama, others find it refreshing when they can connect with personalities. Some 90 days boyfriend Reality stars are known for being larger than life, while others are loved for being authentic.

When it comes to being related to the audience, some cast members fail miserably. One of the reasons audiences turn to cast members is when they begin to reveal a mean nature. Audiences also don’t like it when cast members look different on social media than they do on TV. For example, Yara Zaya was hailed by many viewers as being likeable and hilarious on 90 day boyfriend: did they live happily ever after? However, viewers later criticized Yara for appearing superficial and materialistic on social media.

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Viewers have come to like cast members who always seem to be authentically themselves. This means that their personalities match throughout the franchise content and on social media. Many viewers connect with cast members thanks to their sense of humor. Others grow fond of cast members after sharing raw moments and personal hardships.

Loren Brovarnik

Loren Brovarnik-Alexei Brovarnik-Fresh Beard and New Look-90 Day Boyfriend

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik are often included in the fan lists of the most beloved and ordinary 90 days boyfriend couples. Although Loren has had her bad girl moments in the past, she has shared her growth with her followers. Loren was incredibly open and raw about her second pregnancy, which saw her newborn having to spend some time in intensive care. Loren was completely honest about the complications, struggles and the ugly side of pregnancy and motherhood, as well as the beauties and joys. Reality and Loren’s healthy relationship with Alexei make her a person the audience feels a connection with.

Avery Mills

Avery Mills 90 day boyfriend

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour are considered to be another exceptional couple. Avery gained a large following afterwards 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days. The American teenager proved to be intelligent, intelligent and respectful. Many viewers connect with Avery’s personality because she wasn’t trying to be someone she isn’t. Avery is also acclaimed for being one of the few Americans in the 90 days boyfriend franchise to truly embrace your partner’s culture. Avery proved her heart was worth following and has earned her loyal fans who appreciate her life updates and cooking content. Avery and Omar also earn fan praise for being hardworking and realistic about their future.

Kyle Huckabee

90 days boyfriend kyle noon

A third couple that fans of the franchise adore are Kyle Huckabee and Bajaree Boonma, aka Noon. Kyle and Noon are considered to be perhaps the most normal couple in the franchise. Fans quickly hooked up with Kyle because his excitement at seeing Noon and his love for his future wife was evident. Kyle faced issues audiences could relate to, including family estrangement that Noon helped him overcome. Kyle and Noon aired a true love story, while many fans liked that Kyle looked like a normal guy they could meet in real life.

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Kirlyam Cox

Kirlyam Cox 90 day boyfriend

One of the most loved 90 days boyfriend cast member is Brazilian beauty Kirlyam Cox. Alan Cox’s wife formed one of the longest-running relationships in the franchise, as Alan and Kirlyam appeared in the first season. Kirlyam’s sweet nature and down-to-earth personality instantly made her a fan favorite. Many viewers found Kirlyam much more easily recognizable than some of her co-stars, such as Paola Mayfield. Rather than creating drama on the internet and striving for relevance, Kirlyam enjoyed a quiet family life away from the cameras with her husband and children. Fans of the franchise enjoy seeing Kirlyam as a real person rather than a caricature of reality television.

Kenneth Niedermeier

Kenneth Niedermeier Armando Rubio Hannah 90 days engaged The other way

Kenneth Niedermeier is another cast member who always seems to be his true self. Many fans of the franchise find Kenneth and Armando Rubio’s relationship to be the only bright side of 90 day boyfriend: the other way season 3. Kenneth is real with his emotions and seems to really know who he is as a person. Many viewers connected with Kenneth and Armando due to the rawness and reality of their relationship. Kenneth is now sincere about the difficulties of living in a foreign country and dealing with nostalgia and fear of missing the opportunity while being away from loved ones. Viewers also adore the love Kenneth and Armando show for each other, as well as Kenneth’s love for Hannah and her family.

Juliana Custodio

Juliana Custodio Michael Jessen still together Model in 90 days Fiance 2

Juliana Custodio has proven to be one of the most real cast members of the 90 days boyfriend franchising. When she appeared alongside wealthy elder Michael Jessen in Season 7, many viewers wrote that Juliana was a gold digger. However, Juliana has since become a celebrated fan-favorite cast member. Juliana first won Michael’s fans and ex-wife with her kind and authentic personality. Viewers were shocked when Michael announced that Juliana had left him for another man this month. However, Juliana proved her reality by turning to Instagram to clarify the truth about her failed marriage and defend herself. Juliana’s honesty and hardworking nature has earned her the respect of many fans.

Molly Hopkins

Molly Hopkins -Makeup-Weight-Loss-90 Day Girlfriend

Molly Hopkins may have been unlucky in love with Luis Mendez, but with her she won many viewers Pillow talk comment. Molly and her best friend Cynthia have become well-liked for their sincere and humorous reactions to the antics of the franchise. While viewers are still skeptical of Molly’s boyfriend Kelly, many have connected with Georgia’s mother through her sense of humor. Molly wasn’t afraid to call people and express her honest views on situations and cast members. 90 days boyfriend fans can rely on Molly to keep it real which has resulted in Molly and Cynthia being one of the most popular Pillow talk couples ever.

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