The new Blood trailer shows Debra getting violent with her brother

The trailer for episode 3 of Dexter: New Blood shows Debra Morgan slamming her brother into a mirror as Dexter attempts to get Harrison to enroll in school.

WARNING: Spoiler for Dexter: New Blood Episode 2

The new trailer for Dexter: New Blood episode 3 shows Debra getting violent with Dexter. After failing to land with fans and critics in 2013, Showtime is back with Dexter: New Blood, which shows the aftermath of Dexter faking his death and leaving Harrison and Hannah McKay in Argentina. So far, the series has been well received, with many hoping the series will finally end on a positive note.

Episode 2, “Storm of F ** k”, picks up after Dexter kills Matt Caldwell. As established in the previous episode, Dexter is trying to make amends with his son after abandoning him, which leads him to discover that Hannah died of pancreatic cancer three years ago. Dexter’s conversations with Harrison demonstrate some of the episode’s most emotional scenes. At the same time, the city of Iron Lake continues Matt’s search, using Dexter’s cabin as a base of operations. Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb returns again in this episode, criticizing Dexter for trying to be in a relationship with her son. The episode ends with the police continuing their search before the camera lowers to reveal Matt’s body buried underground.


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The new trailer for Show time (through Dexter: New Blood) sees Matt Caldwell’s search continuing as police begin to suspect that all is not as it seems. The trailer also shows Harrison being enrolled in school, as well as Dexter facing a bear in a cave. Deb continues to play a major role in the series, with the teaser showing Dexter being slammed into a mirror by his dead sister.

Debra obviously died at the end of Dexter season 8, but that didn’t stop showrunner Clyde Phillips from bringing Carpenter back as something of a new Dark Passenger for Dexter. Deb had been helping Dexter avoid killing for the past decade and was also adamant that he had stayed out of Harrison’s life when he showed up at Iron Lake. While things were apparently quiet in the period between season 8 and Dexter: New Blood, things are chaotic again for Dexter when he kills Matt and loses a trail of blood. While Harry Morgan’s version of the Dark Passenger helped Dexter get away with murder, having Deb in his head shows how much Dexter really is struggling with his desire to reform his relationship with Harrison even though he is afraid of having him killed.

Moving forward, Deb will likely continue showing up now that Harrison has decided to live with Dexter. His scenes in Dexter: New Blood brought an almost horror element to the show, with her jumping from a frozen lake in Episode 1 and destroying one of Dexter’s windows in Episode 2. Since Deb is dead, Dexter obviously doesn’t really get pushed into a mirror, but The trailer makes it clear that the memory of his sister will continue to haunt him throughout the season.

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