The new world disables the transfers of wealth to stop the exploitation of gold duplication

Amazon Games’ MMO title New World recently disabled wealth transfers between players to prevent a gold duplication exploit from worsening.

Amazon Games’ huge online multiplayer title, New world, temporarily disabled wealth transfers to prevent players from using a gold duplication exploit. The role play has seen considerable success after its launch in September, but not without some serious problems as well New world server problems.

In mid-October, New world players have discovered a gold duplication glitch that originated as a side effect of server relocation. The exploit was an update that resulted in server transfers enabled in an attempt to combat long server queues experienced at launch. Some players who have tried to transfer their characters to a new server have received a “character persistence problem“Error warning that prevented features from progressing or saving. As a result, some players have transferred their gold to another player, logged out, and received their gold returned upon their new login. The simple series of shares allowed players to earn double the amount of gold initially transferred. Amazon has spoken out against the problem, warning players that exploiting the glitch could result in a permanent ban.

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Due to the constant exploitation of this bug, New world (through PC Gamer) announced that all wealth transfers will be disabled. This includes sending currency, guild treasury, trading station, and player-to-player trading. Amazon reiterated that if this glitch is exploited by any player, “Use of this exploit will be prosecuted. Furthermore, he explained that once the gold duplication exploit has been thoroughly researched, he will update the post.

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The gold duplication glitch is by no means the first exploit found in New world since launch. Gamers recently discovered an extremely easy to perform glitch that prevents their game characters from taking damage. This New world the invincibility glitch is quite simple, it just requires players to switch the game to windowed mode and drag it across the screen. As long as the mouse holds the window, their character will not take damage.

Even after all the glitches, server issues and bugs encountered by its players, New world still remains popular. It is unknown when Amazon will update players on this topic or how long its investigation of the exploit will take. One thing is certain, New world players will have to wait for the wealth transfer to be available. While this isn’t the first exploitation of the game, hopefully it will be the last.

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New world is available on PC.

Source: Official New World Forums, PC Gamer

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