The new world will not punish players who use minimap mods

Despite the belief that a minimap can compromise the urge to explore (and more), the developers of New World will not punish those who use minimap mods.

New world the developers addressed the gaming issues in a recent and extensive blog post, with an entire section devoted to tackling the conversation about mini-maps (and mini-map mods). The list of problems plaguing Amazon Games’ fantasy MMORPG has continued to grow since launch, ranging from exploitable glitches to server problems and beyond.

Although the game launched in late September with 913,000 players on Steam, New world the number of players decreased by approximately 100,000 over a four-week period between October and November. The loss cannot be attributed to any specific reason; unfortunately for New world and its developers, gamers have turned to – and continue to take – social media platforms to vent their frustrations directed towards a range of in-game concerns. Part of this negative reception is directed towards the game’s missing features, one of which is a minimap to help guide players into the immersive world.


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In an officer New world blog post (via PCGamesN), the developers have addressed the issue of the minimap. While the statement does not explicitly state that an addition to the minimap is impossible, it did point out that the chances of implementing such functionality are very slim. The post read, “Creating a mini-map isn’t a priority for us right now … The high-level reasoning is that we have doubts that it fits in with the New World action fighting style and world design, which it could interrupt the dive, it could limit the urge to explore, and there are technical limitations. ” The statement also added that the compass mechanics not only meet the needs of navigation, but are also conducive to exploration and combat.

However, the blog post took some time to tackle the minimap mods. Even if the developers believe diving and exploration could be compromised through the use of a minimap, the New world The team said it will not punish players for implementing third-party minimap mods, as long as those mods don’t conflict with a specific set of rules. Minimap changes must, “Show the player’s position; show the people in the group as we do with the compass; show the node’s placement only if they have unlocked that node via trading skills, as long as it is within the range where the compass would show them; it only shows the AI ​​you have unlocked via trading skills such as compass and in compass range; [and] shows missions as they do on the compass. “

Based on these parameters for the incorporation of a minimap in New world, it seems that such mods should act as an alternative to the game’s compass feature rather than a beneficial upgrade. The news may not appeal to gamers who were hoping to see the developers include this useful feature in the future, but the New world the team was right when explaining that they currently have bigger fish to fry. Perhaps New world it will revert to its original popularity once its game-breaking issues are resolved – and so, perhaps, a minimap mechanic might be on the table.

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New world is available on PC.

Sources: PCGamesN, New World Forum

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