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Each season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story is connected. The timeline can be tricky, so we’re broken when each season takes place.

Each season of American horror story is its concise story, but each installment marks a chapter in a much larger shared universe. Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series has been going strong for ten seasons and an eleventh season will likely debut in 2022. To keep track of the timeline, we’ve put together a guide to when each season takes place.

American horror story is best known for his highly variable timelines, the same actors playing multiple roles in the same season, and his incorporation of characters from a previous season into a new season. American horror story season 4, Strange sight, for example, foresaw the return of three Asylum characters, which was just the beginning of intertwined plots over the decades. While the primary setting of most AHS seasons has been in the present, most episodes delve into past events quite frequently.


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Although Murphy is shared terrifying American horror story the universe is still evolving, sometimes it can still be very confusing to follow. To complicate matters, most seasons jumped back and forth in time with flashback sequences. To ease the storytelling zigzag, here’s a chronology of the seasons in the order they unfold.

  • American Horror Story: Freak Show (season 4) – 1952
  • American Horror Story: Asylum (season 2) – 1964
  • American horror story: 1984 (season 9) – 1984
  • American Horror Story: Murder House (season 1) – 2011
  • American Horror Story: Coven (season 3) – 2013
  • American Horror Story: Roanoke (season 6) – from 2014 to 2016
  • American Horror Story: Hotel (season 5) – 2015
  • American Horror Story: Cult (season 7) – 2017
  • American Horror Story: Apocalypse (season 8) – from 2020 to 2021
  • American Horror Story: Double Feature: Red Tide (season 10) – 2021
  • American Horror Story: Double Feature: Death Valley (season 10) – 2021

Murphy’s narrative is anything but linear. A little bit of American horror storyThe seasons take the modern approach at the time of their broadcast. It is the case of Murder House, Coven, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult, and the first half of Double feature, titled Red Tide. But too many of these are mixed with flashbacks or flash forwards to complement the larger story. Death Valley, the second half of season 10, oscillates between extended looks into the past from 1954 to 1979 and the direct ramifications of those events in the present.

For the most part, though, the timing of each season is pretty straightforward American Horror Story: Apocalypseit’s place on the timeline is a bit confusing at first. Before the season, Murphy stated that it would take place in the near future, 18 months to be exact. There was an 18-month time jump, but it occurred after the season was revealed to be set in 2020, bringing much of the story to the year 2021. This was along with the Gathering subplot set a few years before the nuclear apocalypse. Many viewers have wondered how this could be possible based on previous connections, such as Billie Dean Howard visiting the Cortez Hotel in 2020. But as Mallory went back in time and stopped the Antichrist, the apocalypse was averted and the rest of the American horror story the history was kept intact.

Murphy once again adds flashbacks to form connections or other key backstory details in season 10. AHS: double function it’s the first to include two seasons in one, though Death Valley it was not as well received as Red Tide. As always, for the next seasons of American horror story, pay attention to character names, as they tend to lead to larger links within the anthology series.

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