Which of the Guardians of the Galaxy would win the squid game?

The hit series from Netflix Squid game has taken the world by storm, but if the Guardians of the Galaxy were forced to compete, who would win? The team has boasted some of the best in the galaxy throughout its comic history. However, viewers know that a competitor needs more power to get home with 45 billion won … and their lives.

Squid game follows imaginary contestants through a series of six classic children’s games, with a deadly twist. Failure in any of the six rounds immediately results in the player’s death, which means that all rounds must be passed sequentially to survive. Therefore, even if a player is suited to any particular task, there is no guarantee that he will make it this far in the game. Upon entering the game structure, all competitors wear identical suits. This means that no Guardian can take advantage of weapons, armor, or magical items.

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In these six deadly challenges, only one can win overall. The Guardians of the Galaxy would be a suitable team for this challenge, however, as the show demonstrates, there are no friends in Squid game. Due to its slight anti-hero nature and its source of members across the galaxy, the Guardians roster includes a variety of divine-tier heroes. Even powerful ones like Groot, Adam Warlock, Doctor Doom, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Moondragon and Drax will have to go to great lengths to survive against such powerful competitors. Child gloves are taken off and it can be assumed that no one can escape the competition in any round, and failure always leads to death.

Grand opening

The first two rounds are mainly tests of reflex, control and patience. The first is the international classic “Red Light Green Light”. Players must run towards a finish line, stopping abruptly every time the judge (a giant killer robot doll) yells, “Red light!” and turns to the crowd. Any movement out of rotation ends the game for the player who committed the foul. While some team members, like Drax the Destroyer, would struggle here, none are completely hopeless. However, the second round marks the fate of those who lack self-control.

In the second test, each player receives a sewing needle and a small flimsy candy circle with a shape printed in the middle. Players have ten minutes to peel off the excess candy and reveal the shape in the center. If the shape is broken, the player is immediately killed. Poor Groot would have no chance in this game. Drax would surely lose his temper after a few seconds. Hercules and Beta Ray Bill would probably struggle to stay calm. Some, like an extinguished Cosmic Ghost Rider (aka Frank Castle), would have no particular advantage, but this task can be completed by children, so it will likely make it.

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The strongest guardian

Round three is a simple tug of war game. Teams of ten are randomly formed and pull on both ends of a rope until the opposing team is dragged into a pit. The Guardians roster boasts some of the strongest heroes and villains in the Marvel universe, so the most shrimp teammates would die or be lucky enough to be on a team with Adam Warlock or Captain Marvel. Several powerful characters simply would not be able to hold a candle to such strong individuals.

Star-Lord, Moondragon, Rocket, Gamora and Mantis would be dead weight. Many of these characters have some serious psychic tricks up their sleeves that could give them an edge in a game of strength. However, many powerful opponents are completely immune to such attacks, including Adam Warlock and Cosmic Ghost Rider. While these physically weaker characters could hypothetically survive this round with a strong team, there is no guarantee.

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War of psychics

Moondragon tilts his head as he uses his powers.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are home to many of the most powerful telepaths in the universe. Such skills create a huge advantage in the fourth round – the game of marbles. Here, each Guardian is assigned a partner and a bag of ten marbles. The only rule is that violence cannot be used and the goal is to take all of their partner’s marbles. Duos can determine any type of game and any set of rules for competing for marbles. This is where telepathy comes in handy. Mind reading would make a competitor immune to deception. Mind control could be used simply to force an opponent to concede and deliver his marbles.

Psychics like Doctor Doom, Moondragon, Mantis, and Adam Warlock would only have a serious challenge if confronted with another psychic. Of all the contestants, only Adam Warlock (who is immune to telepathy and has also resisted Moondragon’s attacks) would be sure to make it through this round. However, due to the unusual amount of psychics on this team, it can be assumed that anyone without such skills would likely not pass this round.

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A glass bridge

Doctor Doom

The fifth round represents a unique challenge. All players are forced to walk on a bridge made of glass plates. At each step, there are two panels to choose from, one fragile and one tempered and capable of supporting a person’s weight. In the show, one character was able to distinguish between the different panels due to slight differences in the glass. This means that characters with advanced perception would be able to safely navigate the deck. However, due to the training of psychics, this challenge becomes moot. Doctor Destino, a world-class scientific and mystical genius, certainly has the know-how to distinguish glasses. Since so many other contestants are mind readers, they would be equally aware of that information (as he traded his telepathy-blocking armor for a suit).

The squid game

squid game final fight (1)

The final round is essentially a deathmatch. It pits two players against each other in the classic South Korean children’s game known as the Squid Game. There are some minor restrictions, but essentially two players are placed in an arena. A keeper plays offensively and must try to reach a marked circle at the end of the field. Their opponent plays defense and must force him out of the ring before he gets to the end. Any form of violence is allowed and encouraged, making the actual game a backup plan to simply kill the opponent.

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While there are many powers on the Guardian comic book roster, none could pose a real threat to Adam Warlock. Immune to any form of telepathic attack, a master of sorcery, potent in divine measure on the very laws of the universe, Adam is unbeatable in these circumstances. Perhaps with technology, magical items, or time to prepare, someone like Destiny could become a rival for Warlock. However, in a one-on-one deathmatch, there’s really no chance.

The Supreme Guardian

Guardians of the Galaxy: is Adam Warlock friend or foe?

While some great cases could be done for others Squid game Guardian winners, there are few beings in the Marvel Universe who could resist Adam Warlock. On one occasion, in Marvel two in one annual # 2 by Jim Starlin, Joe Rubinstein, Petra Goldberg and Annette Kawecki, the hero transformed Thanos into solid granite. His permanent connection with the Soul Stone and his cosmic abilities make him almost unbeatable, and his commitment to safeguarding the cosmos also means he would be one of the most ruthless players, often seeing himself beyond human morality. Its perfect engineering does not expose any weaknesses to the Squid game. In the end, while any Guardians of the Galaxy member could score some surprising wins in Squid game, no one is overtaking Adam.

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