Why Attack On Titan Season 4 (probably) won’t be the last?

Attack on Titan season 4 is currently on hiatus, but remains billed as the final chapter of the popular anime. Recent developments suggest otherwise.

Despite the pause, Attack on Titan season 4 probably won’t be the end of the show. Attack on Titan Season 4 premiered in December 2020, confirmed upfront as the show’s final season. Given how much manga material is left, wrapping up Eren Yaeger’s story within a single season has always felt ambitious and, of course, the anime ended differently than the last chapter, with Marley launching an assault on. large scale on Paradis Island, airships and all. Fortunately, Attack on Titan season 4 Part 2 has been confirmed with a release date of January 9, 2022, and is set to wrap up the rest of Hajime Isayama’s popular manga series – for real, this time around. Except, maybe not. The latest issue of Attack on Titan manga was released in April 2021 to a highly divisive fan reaction. While some fans enjoyed the ambiguous flavor, others were disappointed with the lack of clarity and the way some character arcs unfolded. Without divulging major spoilers, the Attack on Titanthe ending is conclusive. Each main storyline is resolved and the fates of the main characters (survivors) are explained. The ambiguous notes in the final chapter, mostly regarding Eren Yaeger, seem thematic in nature and are clearly not intended to be any sort of sequel configuration.


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However, those closing moments will be skewed thanks to the confirmed release of additional unseen pages. As explained by Isayama himself, Attack on TitanThe last chapter was shortened by 8-10 pages due to printing restrictions. This extra material will be released via the official final volume in early June, attached directly to the end of the original chapter. According to early reports out of Japan and on social media, the unedited panels add new character pairings, reveal a darker destiny for the future, and introduce the descendant of a main character. More significantly, however, the revised chapter explicitly establishes a continuation of the Attack on Titan story, heavily suggesting that season 5 or an anime sequel is in the works.

Everything we know about Attack on Titan Season 5

Eren Jaeger in Attack on the Giants

Again, avoiding big spoilers for anime-only viewers, Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2, will explore the full backstory of Ymir Fritz, the Founder, revealing how this young slave girl became humanity’s first Titan. Basically, Attack on TitanYmir Fritz’s new final scene reportedly recreates the moment when Ymir Fritz receives the Founding Titan, but in the current timeline with the aforementioned descendant of the main character. The message in Isayama’s new ending is clear: the Attack on Titan The curse is about to start over with a new generation.

That said, Isayama himself has indicated in interviews that he has no intention of writing more Attack on Titan manga. This means that if the anime were to continue beyond the conclusion of season 4 in January, it would have to adapt material from different sources, or start telling its own original story. Since Attack on Titan It was an incredibly successful property for Kodansha, it’s not out of the question for the studio to continue the franchise in some way. While the release of the opening chapter provided no clue as to how this might happen, the new scenes chart a possible path to future projects that basically follow the same premise. This could come in the form of Attack on Titan season 5, set after a significant time jump and introducing a whole new crop of tragic heroes.

For now, however, there hasn’t been any official announcement that Attack on Titan will have a season 5, with trailers for season 4 part 2 continuing to hold the “Final season“header. The 16 episodes of season 4, part 1, have adapted to about 24 manga numbers and about 25 numbers remain, so the end of Attack on Titan season 4 will really finish adapting the manga in all likelihood. But given how the fans reacted Attack on Titanin the manga finale, a continuation could be seen as a second chance to present the ending a little better and leave the fans satisfied. On the other hand, perpetuating the ongoing Titan War could be seen as discrediting the efforts of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the others as a whole. Attack on Titan timeline. What is the point of all this if history is destined to repeat itself anyway? Any anime sequel announcements will most likely be made in the aftermath of Attack on Titan Season 4 finale in January 2022.

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