Why was the Lake Bell sitcom canceled?

Bless This Mess was a sitcom starring Lake Bell and Pam Grier, but that’s why the well-received series was canceled before Season 3.

Despite being well received, the sitcom Bless this mess it was canceled after season 2 and it seems unlikely that it will get a season 3 anywhere else. Bless this mess was partially led by Lake Bell who, while taking on larger and more traditional roles such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, mainly works on independent productions such as his first outing as a director in In a world … or Caller shot. While the ABC sitcom Bless this mess It was a surprise when it first aired in 2019, it was partly its unexpected nature that led to it being successful.

Elizabeth Meriwether (New girl) worked alongside Lake Bell as his co-creator, while Bell starred as a married woman to Dax Shepard. The two inherit an old farm in Nebraska and, despite hailing from New York and having little or no country life experience, they work to adapt to a different way of life. The show follows the couple as they develop relationships with locals who seem bizarre to them like Rudy (Ed Begley Jr.) and Sheriff Constance (Pam Grier, The word l). The show received mostly good reviews for its warmth and for being genuinely entertaining.

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It didn’t take long for Bless this mess to find a strong following. Throughout its production, that following has continued to grow. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to secure him a third season. Here because Bless this mess was deleted.

Bless This Mess Season 2 ended on a happy note

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Bless this mess The season 2 finale saw a tornado about to hit Bucksnort, with the main characters taking refuge and having various heartfelt discussions with each other as they waited. Rio also discovers she is pregnant with her and Mike’s first child, with the entire city celebrating the news. Season 3 likely saw them adjust to parenting while also coping with the stress of running a farm.

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Bless The Mess was canceled in May 2020

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The number of spectators for the show actually increased during Bless this mess‘second season, where it averaged nearly four million viewers per episode. While he wasn’t a ratings hit, he was a solid performer for ABC who seemed to be building an audience through word of mouth. While it was assumed Bless this mess the third season would come, ABC canceled it and other shows like Single parents in May 2020. Although there has been no official word as to why Bless this mess has been canceled, the moment of its cancellation probably holds the key. May 2020 was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and many studies were working to tighten their belts. With production pending for many projects, there were many that were easier to undo and Bless this mess he probably met his fate because of this.

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The third season of Bless This Mess is unlikely to be resumed

Unfortunately for the fans, it’s doubtful Bless this mess season 3 will now be picked up from another platform. Although the show has a fandom and is well regarded, it has never become a hit hit and there has been little sign of life since it was canceled. Lake Bell is currently the voice of Poison Ivy on Harley Quinn and provided the voice for Black Widow in Marvel’s What happens if…?, while Dax Shepard will co-host the upcoming motor show Top Gear America.

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